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The ‘Bell’ tolls for thee??

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 18, 2007

Thus lies in a cold grave(s) Saddam and his half-brother. Both Executed while “WE” made it all possible for the Shiite to extend their ‘pound of flesh’ …. but at what price.

I wonder if most Americans realize just how awful these Executions appear to the World. From the Pope all the way to the ‘Arab Street’, the fact that “WE” played a Large Role in the brutal Executions of these two men can not be minimized away, nor given quick shrift by Bush. For “WE” made the entire UGLY episodes possible.

See. There’s no reason why Saddam and his brother wasn’t handed over to an International Tribunal. After all, “WE” did that type of thing to Nazis right after World War II AND to Milo after Kosovo. But no: “WE” had to exact our HUBRIS against Saddam by placing his (Saddam) Fate in the hands of blood thirsty Opponents of his ~ all too eager to enforce their savage revenge.

Principled Values is what I’m talking about here, Folks. It’s not about Saddam or his Half-Brother; neither is it about George W. Bush. What it all comes down to is our Image around the world. An image that SHOULD be one of a country that upholds and honors the ‘Rule of Law’ ~ both in our own Land AND around the World.

Plus bear it in mind: Saddam and his Half-Brother were HUNG for committing ‘Acts against Humanity’ against the Kurds (following a botched attempt to assassinate Saddam) …. and NOT the gassing of THOUSANDS in which “WE” played an ACTIVE Role  by supplying Saddam with the lethal gas. You know, where pixs of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand was widely circulated.

Could it be that Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney didn’t want to Testify in THAT portion of any subsequent Trial?

Think about it.



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