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Posted by scorpiomkm on January 18, 2007


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I Write What I Like

ANYTIME I get the opportunity to visit my Blog Site is a treat for me ~  because I KNOW whenever I can “do my thing” and voice my opinion in my own way … that makes for a VERY GOOD DAY.

And too, it makes for a wonderful day when I can end it by either walking or jogging around a lake which surface mirrors the ink-black sky above; and the air has this freshness and aroma comparable to the beloved Rivendell of Lady Arwen and Elrond.

Yes, the kind of night Tolkien must have had in mind when he envisioned Elves walking the woods of “Middle Earth” ~ like say, in Mirkwood.

A kind of night Aragorn must have walked when he looked out over the vast plains of Rohan, or when Gandalf watched in marvel the great white mythical stallion, “Shadowfax”, graze amidst the grass under the quiet moonlit sky of mighty Gondor.

And too, if I may be a tad selfish and indulge myself  …. to enjoy the Night long enough to have Dreams of loving ~ and being loved ~ by my own Lady Goldberry …  just like old Tom Bombadil enjoyed.

Only my Lady and I would be surrounded by the Valar singing to us in “Elvish” above my bed;

the white flowers “Simbelmyne” at our feet and the far off sounds of the great River Anduin reminding us both of yet the “Undying Lands” across the Great Sea and “Into The West“.

“Yes” ……

((‘      ”                                     
  …A very good day!!
`¹·-…,,¸¸_    _¸¸,,….—~–.,,¸         
            ¨¨¨¨¨ ¸,..,¸¨¨¨`*²_»  `))   
In fact, we won’t see its likes
                  ²-.,¸, `¹-.,¸__¸,.·´ 
ever again!!
                    |  |           
                  ¸|  |¸                 
So remember tomorrow …
‘              ,·¹´      `’¹·, 
you won’t see another day like it either:

              ¹·,¸____¸,·¹           So treat it Accordingly!

“Good Night,” Doc and the  Children of Babylon!

                              God Bless you all!



                    Anar kaluva tielyanna!”             


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