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Posted by scorpiomkm on January 18, 2007

* The following was taken from my Current Blog. I’m reprinting it here as to give the Reader some  idea of my interaction with those that take the TIME to read “Scorpio’s World”


C’mon in: The water is just Fine!!   : )


Of all the people I have heard about forming all these committees, the one that has garnered most of my attention is Barack Obama.   I just finished reading his book The Audacity of Hope.   I just wonder if he is too good to be true.   For I am cyncial of politicans in general.   And one that seems to be telling the truth is something new to me.   I know where he stands on major issues.   He is very honest about all that.   I know he has actual ideas on how he thinks America can be made better.   And, for the most part, I do not disagree with him.

But, Scorpio, he is going to have to get out and visit all the states.   Especially the ones in the South and the West.   He is going to have to act as if these areas matter.   And not just write them off as some have done.  I want to see how he does in rural America.   Far away from Chicago and his comfort zone.    He must not come across as socially or culturally elite.   And I don’t think he will for I don’t think he is.  I want to see him act as if these states are important.   That their residents are to be respected.   Not denigrated.  For the first time in a long time, I think the Dems have a chance to cut across party lines.  

I will vote for a centrist.   And I think he is.   Much more than Hillary Clinton.   He draws me in with his abilty to communicate.   He listens.   And I listen to him.   He speaks to the “common person.”   Shining stars are so rare.  They are here and gone so quickly.   I think he is the kind of man America needs.   And deserves.   I would seriously consider voting for him.  Does that scare you?  Yes, even this misguided Yucca Flates resident is thinking about voting democratic.   We will just have to see what happens, won’t we?   Chuck Hagel, huh???   ; )  Take care.  
Comment from texaslassmm – 1/18/07 2:19 AM

“Hi!” Tink.

Yep: I’m a big Chuck Hagel ‘Fan’!   : )

AFTER, that is, Barack Obama.   : )

I haven’t read Senator Obama’s latest book, but it’s HIGH on my List of “Thinks To Do”. And I do Agree with you insofar as Dems showing a HIGH visibility in the Red States ~ especially Texas!  : )

I’m so excited about this upcoming Election. As I stated in a previous Post, I haven’t felt this much excitement since JFK ran against Dick Nixon. Then, JFK had to overcome the Electorate “Religion” hangup; this time around “Race” will have to be overcome ….. as well as “Sexism”.

Terribly EXCITING, isn’t it!!

We’ll see, huh!

“Thanks” for the Comment, Tink!!


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