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“Keep The Faith”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 25, 2007

I Write What I Like

I’ve had several conversations with my Caucasian Brothers & Sisters <g>, and they express to me their surprise that many of their White Friends have expressed such idiotic comments about Barack Obama. They say such things as :

“You do know that he’s a Muslim, don’t you?”

“You do know that he (Obama) wants to kill us all, don’t you?”

“You do know that his name is Muslim, don’t you?”

I don’t know, Folks. As best I can I try to explain to my Caucasian Brothers & Sisters that: 1) People ~ even their well informed and Educated Friends ~ will use ‘whatever’ EXCUSE they can find to cover the real problem, which is often borne of Prejudice and Bigotry; and 2) that I experienced the same thing as a kid when my TEACHER told our Class, “You children are aware …. that if John F. Kennedy is Elected …. the Pope will ‘run’ the country!”

My frickin’ HISTORY TEACHER!!!!!  : )

Senator Obama, I’m sure, is quite aware that Racial Intolerance and Bigotry is Alive & Well in the Land flowing with Milk & Honey <g>, and will raise its Ugly Head the closer he approaches the “Halls of Power”. And that Americans who still harbor Racial hatreds will come out of the woodwork the closer he gets to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Barack KNOWS these things, baby!!

I view his chase for the Big Prize yet another  chance for America to examine some of her  ancient Racial Attitudes and Proclivities once again. For it’s Opportunities like these that “WE” grow as a Society and a Nation. An Opportunity to actually ‘live out’ the Promise that “All Men (and Women) are Created Equal.”

See. Al Sharpton was NEVER a ‘serious’ Candidate for President. Jesse Jackson was NEVER a ‘serious’ Candidate for President: but Barack Obama IS ‘serious’ and ELECTABLE! And that’s why the Negative ‘Spin Machine’ and Dark Forces ( excuse the pun <g>) are already at work to rekindle the ancient Fears, Hatreds, and Prejudices that are buried DEEP in the hearts of so many of my White Brethren …. and have cost this country dearly.

Fear of the UNKNOWN. Especially when that ‘fear’ is Racial.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the Campaign; for I truly Believe that Senator Obama is THE MAN, for THESE TIMES!

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