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“Their Choice”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 26, 2007

Beginning in the Fifth Age of Middle Earth

Afteryule 26, 5007

They say that somehow BOOKS land in our laps at the precise TIME they were intended. I KNOW that to be TRUE based on my own Personal Experiences; and I’m quite certain many of you can attest to this fact as well.

Take for example my ‘Love Affair’ with J.R.R. Tolkien and his Work “The Lord of the Rings“. Oh, 30-some years ago I saw an animated film of “The Hobbit“, so when the First Film of ‘Rings’ hit the theaters what : 5 years ago (??)  …. I recall at that time that I just wasn’t that thrilled in seeing it because, well, I just wasn’t!  : )

Anyway. A Friend of mine advised that I see the movie, and for which I told her I would …. at some point <g>. Then the “tipping point’ occurred <g>: Bush ATTACKED Iraq!

This caused me to become mildly Depressed <g> and greatly upset with Bush; so much so that I kinda ‘withdrew’ and isolated myself from all the ‘chest pounding’ and bravado being played out on my TV each-and-every night as ‘our bombs’ lit up the Iraqi evening sky. It was about that time that I picked up the BOOK “The Lord of the Rings” …. and the rest, as they say, is History.

That Tale, that remarkable Story, made far more ‘sense’ to me than ANYTHING I endured watching on TV during “Shock & Awe“. In fact, and in a profound way, the Story helped me Understand and accept Mankind’s failings and weaknesses in ways that were most instrumental in helping me get through Bush’s ‘mess’ and ‘get on’ with my LIFE with confidence and renewed Hope.

The Lord of the Rings“, the BOOK, I’ve now read Each Year since!!

Say for instance, right now I’m again  traveling with Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin as they’ve AGAIN just encountered the evil “Grey Willow”,  and again needing to be rescued by none other than Tom Bombadil. And you know something else: their experience in the “Old Forest” is just as exciting …. and just as scary …. as the first time I read it.

Too, currently I’m reading Barack Obama’s BOOK entitled “The Audacity of Hope“!

                     It just fell into my lap, baby!  : )

                     And “Yes”: it was ‘Right On Time’.

Books have a way of doing that, huh! So much so, that I would wager that 95% of my books that have found their way on my book-shelves … got there because THEY happened to find their way there: by choice.


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