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“For THIS One Needs Experience?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 2, 2007

                    The Felicity Daily Herald
                       “All the news that’s fit to print; and a whole lot more”

Defense secretary: No plans for war with Iran February 2, 2007

Story Highlights

• Defense Secretary Gates says there is no plan to start a war with Iran
• Gates says sophisticated bomb-making material coming into Iraq from Iran
• U.S. working to “uproot” Iranian-based networks in Iraq
• Seventy percent of U.S. casualties in Iraq caused by explosive devices, Gates says


WASHINGTON (CNN) — U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday that the United States is “not planning for a war with Iran.”

Gates said he was reiterating what President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have said earlier. The defense chief spoke at a press conference with Gen Peter Pace, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

But Gates said U.S. forces are “trying to counter” what Iranians are doing to U.S. forces in Iraq.

He said that “explosively formed projectiles” with roots in Iran were killing troops.

Calling the explosives by the acronym EFP, Gates said either the weaponry or the technology for it emanates from Iran. The weapon is more powerful than the roadside bombs that insurgents have used with deadly effectiveness to ambush American convoys in Iraq.

The EFP’s increased sophistication allows it to penetrate armored vehicles, posing a greater threat to U.S. troops.

Gates said the U.S. military strategy is involved in “uprooting” the networks providing the EFP material as well as other explosives used to create the roadside bombs.

Referring to the latter explosives, Gates said, “these darn things account for about 70 percent of our casualties.”

Pace said the military is “working day and night to disassemble” the networks bringing in explosives and the material to make them and is doing that “without regard to nationality” but to “who our enemies are.”

“It is instructive that at least twice in the last month that in going after the networks we have picked up Iranians,” Pace said.

When asked whether the government or rogue elements are shipping the material, Gates said, “I don’t know that we know the answer to that question.”

Military investigators reportedly have been looking into the possibility Iranians or Iranian-trained operatives carried out a January 20 attack on a Karbal military compound in southern Iraq that resulted in the deaths of five U.S. soldiers.

Gates said the investigation is ongoing and information about who was involved is “ambiguous.”


Ooh. Doesn’t Gates remind you of a Santa-like “Captain Kangaroo”!

He’s really getting on my last nerve, you?   : )

Let’s pretend that say …. back in 1995 I owned a farm, okay! This farm of mine was dependent on a river that first raced passed three other farms owned by Farmer Bill Iraq, Farmer Joe Iran, and Farmer Gus Syria.  : )

I never particularly ‘liked’ these other farmers owing they were Demon Cultists <g>, and besides …. I was always fearful they would use the water to one day Frame me or extort certain concessions from yours truly. So ….. one day I have some neocon ‘buds’ of mine show me their solution to my problem. So one day they present to me a Playbook entitled “Rebuilding Scorpio’s Farm Land” <g>, and in the book it shows me how I can control the river water all for myself; and that first I must have a ‘Pearl Harbor-like’ ATTACK against me in order that I can then take appropriate action against these ‘Evil Doer’ farmers up river.

                                          : )

So …. one day I notice that two silos were ATTACKED. Hell, I really don’t KNOW who was responsible ~ but since I want the Water Rights ‘all to myself’ I blame the other Farmers’ kids for the attack, okay! I send out some ranch hands into the Wilds to round-up these kids, but I also decide (since I’m THE DECIDER <g>) that NOW is the TIME to do a little “Shock & Awe” action directly against Farmer Iraq! You know: do a little ‘Fly Over’ stuff with fertilizer, or tear down some fencing, or shoot some cattle etc.

Stuff like that!  : )

YEARS PASS. And I still haven’t driven Farmer Iraq from his land. In fact, I’m about to now Leave my own farm and take a job in the Big City as a Life Insurance Salesman! But I’m still pissed!  : )

I’m so in LOVE with the Playbook drawn up by my neocon ‘Buds’ … that I’ll be damned if I Leave until I torch Farmer Iran and Farmer Syria’s farm land as well!

That’s how big a PUNK I am, baby!   : )

Sound too wacky? Well, that is precisely what our President is up to!

Bush is NOT Leaving Office until he has us MILITARILY involved with Iran.

Why: Because Bush STILL is following the Playbook entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses“~ that Document drawn up by the neocon-neonazis at the ‘American Institute’.

That Right wing “Think (??) Tank” that has been Bush’s brains (??) for the past 7 years.

THIS ADMINISTRATION WILL attack Iran before it mercifully leaves Office: Bet on it. ‘Those that KNOW’ know there exists Plans already to ATTACK Iran. So cut the crap, Gates!!

But you see, because Bush has once before ‘hood winked’ the American People and Congress re Iraq ~ THIS ADMINISTRATION is cooking the Intelligence THIS TIME like its never been cooked before.

Say “Goodbye” to your kids and grandkids, Folks. Because they’ll be spending TIME in Iran soon.




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