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“Just A THOUGHT Away!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 2, 2007

“Just a THOUGHT away!”

Middle-earth, to me, has always been more of a ‘Feeling‘ than anything else. From the Opening pages of “The Lord of the Rings“; throughout each-and-every Chapter of “The Silmarillion” …. I sense a deep Respect & Regard for Ancientness and rooted History. Therefore, this is why when I take long treks through the Woods or feel the cold night air on my face ~ Middle-earth is always in my mind … just a THOUGHT away.

I recall after having read “The Lord of the Rings” the first time, I was compelled to then ‘Search Out’ previous Tales and Lays that gave birth to the History hinted at by Tolkien. And even then after having done so ~ I was amazed at just how Tolkien would cross-reference even those ‘Lost Tales’ with that of an even greater Past!!

I swear, I could get in my car this very moment and drive a short distance to a Hill silhouetted against an oncoming night sky. A lonely Hill it is …. just standing off into the distance … and immediately I’d think of Amon Sul.


To me, Tolkien’s “Middle-earth” was more then geography (although Tolkien’s respect for geography is clearly evident); more than Hobbit Holes or Dark Towers; more than orcs or majestic ‘Men of Rohan’. It’s a Deep and Personal “Feeling” of all things rooted in History and Ancientness.

This “Feeling” of ‘Things Middle Earth’ that LINK us even to our ancient Days in Numenor.


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