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“Beacons of Gondor”

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 3, 2007

Beacons of Gondor

I’m in a “Middle earth” frame of mind tonight!   : )

You see that knock-down gorgeous pix above? Well, I shot it while in New Zealand. It’s part of New Zealand’s “Southern Alps”, but to me and other “Ring Rats” <g> it’s a range in Middle Earth where one of the ‘Beacons of Gondor’ could have set.

If you saw the Film “The Return of the King”, you may recall the Scene where Pippin climbed a Tower and lit the First of Seven Beacons situated across the Land and atop mountains WARNING of danger or alerts. One of the most Beautiful Scenes in Movie History IMHO!  : )

The ‘Men of Gondor’ used Beacons as Warnings of pending danger; and it’s too bad that our National Media fails to act accordingly, isn’t it. Hell, our Media performs more of a surrogate for an abusing Administration than a “Warning Voice” to the People!

You know: the so-called “Fourth Estate”.

But that’s just my Opinion.   : )


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