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“I Wonder …”

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 3, 2007

I just got finished with Christmas and here it is: Valentine’s Day!!

                                                   : )

We just got through Electing a “New Congress” ~ and already we’re in the face of a Presidential Election for 2008!

If you’re like me, often it’s easy to get overwhelmed and damn near STAMPEDED by things outside of ourselves, yes?

Often it all seems so Fast Paced: our jobs, our careers, our family, our Nation, our town …. all are ‘out there’ vying for our attention and TIME. And that’s OK, for that’s LIFE and the way life is. But I find it important also to keep in Mind that this is still “My Life” and “My Time” that MUST be entered into the equation; and that no matter how hard I try to change the course of Events ~ that ultimately it’s “My Life” that should take priority.

Is that Selfish: maybe.

Is that Self Centered: possibly.

But as I NOW find myself paying attention to Obituaries <g> in the newspaper, this selfishness no longer seems as so much of a vice. For we are ‘All’ given a finite amount of TIME on this “good earth of ours”, thus it should be spent developing what talents we have to its BEST and better use.

Quite frankly, I don’t think People concern themselves with THEMSELVES as much as they should. I’m constantly hearing people worry about their girlfriend; or their boss; or their children; or an acquaintance; or whatever ~ to the point I feellike asking, “Yes, but what about YOU?”

“How much TIME have YOU taken for YOURSELF?”

“What NEEDS do YOU have that need tending to?”

And inevitable they respond, “Well. I’d like to but ….”. And then recite why they can’t TAKE TIME for just themselves.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s Natural to TRANSFER Issues and/or ‘Must Do’ items onto “others”. Things that we SHOULD be doing for Ourselves.

Maybe it’s ‘cool’ to be so ‘depended upon’ that we feel, “Oh …. if I didn’t to that, they would be just awful!”


But to be TRUTHFUL ~ I’m growing more and more Selfish as I grow older, because to do otherwise would beto stretch myself too thin … then I’m no good to anybody.

Ya FEEL me!      

It’s funny isn’t it. How as kids we just can’t wait to strike out into this Brave New World for Adventure. To follow that Road that possibly could take one anywhere in the whole wide world. But then as we grow older ~ funny how that Road eventually Leads one back Home again. A Home of simple pleasures and needs, where you once upon a TIME watched your young and healthy mother hang the washing on Lines beneath a bright blue sky.

Just a few thoughts.                                   


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