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Early VOTE of Confidence

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 14, 2007

                     The Felicity Daily Herald
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Virginia governor to endorse Obama

from Alexander Mooney


RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) — Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine will endorse Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, perhaps as early as the weekend, two officials said Wednesday.

Kaine, a Democrat who took office last year, has decided to endorse the Illinois senator in his bid for the party nomination, according to two officials with political ties to the governor.

They spoke on the condition they not be identified because the decision had not been made public.

Obama will headline the Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraising gala in Richmond on Saturday night, an event Kaine will attend along with Democratic Sen. Jim Webb and former Gov. Mark R. Warner.

Kaine has a strong political relationship with Obama, who traveled to Virginia the past two years to campaign for Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign in 2005 and for Webb last fall.


This is GREAT! Because it’s terribly important to get the Establishment’s HEAVY HITTERS to Endorse you: Early!

Isn’t it funny how the Media is NOW in their ATTACK MODE re Obama? I guess it’s to be expected, but as one can tell, Obama is going to have some mighty tough sledding in the next couple of months.

People bitchin’ already about his smoking habit; his lack of experience (?), whether or not Obama has the temperament for the job ~ yeah, like George Bush does <g>, and STILL you have people worried that Obama may in fact be Muslim!

Even Bush’s stooge in Australia, Howard, had the audacity to stick his nose in American Politics by taking a slam at Barack!!

Let me show you folks this piece about his wife when asked what she thinks about her husband’s fitness for the Presidency, okay:

            Mrs. Obama: My husband ready to be president

from Alexander Mooney


WASHINGTON (AP) — Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has a staunch defender for his presidential bid in his wife, Michelle, who won’t stand for any criticism of her husband.

Michelle Obama says it’s his time to run, even though others have questioned whether a first-term senator is ready to be president.

“We’ve heard this spewed from the lips of rivals,” the candidate’s wife told about 1,000 donors at a Chicago fundraiser Sunday night. “Every phase of our journey, he is not experienced enough, he should wait his turn. He is too young, he is not black enough, he is not white enough … he is too articulate.

“Don’t be fooled by these claims because they are mere distractions,” she continued. “Distractions to keep us focused once again on what is not possible. Distractions that keep us mired in fear so that we are unable to focus on the real issues that are dragging us down as a nation. What we need right now is a leader. And a leader is more than a set of finite experiences.”

She said that only in politics would insiders look at her husband’s resume — a Harvard-trained lawyer, best-selling author and former state senator — “and dare to have the audacity to say he is not ready.”

Mrs. Obama said she is excited about the campaign and aware that “politics is a full contact sport.”

Take it from the woman that sleeps with him, okay!   : )


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