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What a MAN & Judge

Posted by scorpiomkm on February 22, 2007

Judge Gives Smith Body to Baby’s Guardian

Former Model to Be Buried Near Son in Bahamas


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Feb. 22) – Anna Nicole Smith  will be buried in the Bahamas, alongside her dead son, it was announced Thursday after a tearful judge left the decision up to the attorney for the model’s baby daughter.


“Yes,” this whole affair is despicable.


“Yes,” it sickens me to know just how vulnerable Anna was, and how her close Friends (?) were nothing but a group of ENABLERS and ‘hanger ons’.


“Yes,” and as I predicted when learning of her death ~ I KNEW I’d be bombarded with “Anna Nicole” nonsense for MONTHS!


And “Yes,” we are once again seeing Human Nature at its Lowest Denominator. For had Anna and her Baby been just poor, unfortunate individuals with modest ‘means’ ….. then Society and the respective Parties involved (Stern, Birkhead, and MoM) could have really cared less WHO got the Remains or WHERE she was going to be buried.



For after all: this is ALL about little 5 mo.old Dannielynn who is the CASH COW and the REAL center of ATTENTION insofar as Stern, Birkhead, and even MoM now.



Did you folks see Anna Nicole in that frickin’ “Clown” face!!





That was Howard Stern’s idea of  Loving Care!! (??)





But hell: that’s America and the State of our current Culture & Priorities.



But the above is not why I’m Blogging this Entry. My Interest in the matter SOLELY rests with an individual I thoroughly enjoyed watching these past several days:



Judge Larry Seidlin!!



To me …. he was the ONLY person in that courtroom that had the Interests of Anna Nicole and little innocent Dannielynn at heart ~ as well as wishing that Anna’s son R.I.P. in the Bahamas!



The ONLY one in that Courtroom!!




Forget that snake Stern. Would you TRUST Dannielynn with THAT MAN??




Forget that wimp Birkhead. He’s ‘soft’ and a wannabe Jigalo!!




Forget that mother Virgie. The Mother from HELL!



Judge Seidlin was the ONLY one with a Soul in that courtroom.


Plus …. the Judge tickled the mess out of me, you!   : )


His heavy New York accent; his quips and homilies; his desire to allow all sides to state their case (although mostly the Interested Parties wanted to Argue paternity) ~ still the Judge performed Magnificently and held my Attention throughout. In fact, he was the ONLY REASON I watched this stuff!



And while some suggest his tears at the Closing today was pure ‘theatrics’: I disagree entirely. Judges rarely (if at all) break down like that when delivering a Judgment. After all, Judges are supposed to be IMPARTIAL and UNEMOTIONAL when doing same. However, this Judge Witnessed so much GREED in that courtroom; so much callous disregard for the welfare of Anna Nicole …. that he felt a deep sadness that she (Anna) had to put up with so much ‘BS’, manipulation, and Weakness for so long, and from people that didn’t have her best Interests at heart ~ even in Death ~ that he wept.



I know I did!   : (



Judge: Ya did GREAT!!



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