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“A Knife In The Dark”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 7, 2007

Beginning in the “Fifth Age” of Middle Earth

 Rethe 7, 5007

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Middle Earth/New Zealand






                                                                                     Amon Sul I don’t know why … but this Location has intrigued me most out of all others. For instance, there’s not a lonely Hill I see off into the distance …. that doesn’t remind me of Weathertop. So that’s why as I read Chapter XI (“A Knife In The Dark”) again, those same old feelings of Wonder & Awe returned to my soul.

‘Weathertop’, part of the Weather Hills, rose up North of the Great East Road. And as is recounted in the BOOK Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin (along with Strider) encounter the Nazgul there.

As you may recall, several days before arriving at Weathertop ~ Frodo had seen some flashes of Light in the sky near where Weathertop was located. Nobody, including Strider, knew for certain what that Flash of Light was or meant ~ although Strider was concerned that possibly Gandalf had met with some misfortune this night. Well ….. recall that on Weathertop they found a slate with some hastily inscribed markings. Eventually they suspected that the hurriedly made markings were made by Gandalf and were meant to inform them that he, Gandalf, had been on Weathertop on:

                                              October 3rd.

Later we learn that on that Date Gandalf had been attacked on Wethertop by the “Black Riders”.

See. Here is where my Marvel at the “Black Riders” deepens. Oh, they were Evil Spirits; so controlled and Ruled by Sauron and the Rings. But in Fantasy it’s important to have just as Remarkable & Worthy antagonists as there are Heroes …. for they bring out the BEST in those we wish to ‘Cheer On’!

I LOVE the “Black Riders” (aka Ring Wraits, Fell Riders, Nine Riders, The Shadows, Black Wings) because they were magnificent in appearance; they could not ‘see’ in the normal sense, but FEEL; were invisible save the black cloaks; and they were Invincible unless wounded by a weapon that had been cast with a ‘Special Spell’; they HATED fire; and they were so deliciously Evil.   : )

Frodo is wounded by the Witch King atop Weathertop! But it was there atop Weathertop that the Witch King had previous dealings with the ‘Men of the North’, don’t ya know!  : ).

Around 1300 of the “Third Age” the Lord of the Nazgul became the Witch King of Angmar, a vast region north of the Misty Mountains and north of the Ettenmoors. Its capital was Carn Dum. Angmar was populated with Orcs, Hill-men, and other creatures.

For 700 YEARS Angmar attempted to destroy the Dunedain of the North. In fact, it was not until 1975 that the Witch-King was defeated in the Battle of Fornost by armies from Lindon and Rivendell (Rivendell Led by Glorfindel ~ the same Elf Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin encountered just outside the Shire!!)

Again it’s this Ancientness and History that is so Rich and embedded within the tale of “The Lord of the Rings”, isn’t it. For as you recall in the BOOK, great stone formations lay about and were scattered atop ‘Weathertop’ …. from the previous WARS between the “Men of the North” and the Witch King of Angmar.

Oh! Something else: I LOVE the ‘Black Steeds’ of the “Black Riders” too!  : )

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