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“Four YEARS and Counting!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 19, 2007

    Four YEARS ~ Now What?

Its been 4 YEARS since “Shock & Awe” was visited upon the people of Iraq.

Four YEARS of lies, death, and destruction (not to mention WASTED MONEY) has been expended for what:

to prove the adage that if you tell a LIE often enough it will be believed?

Apparently not, for the People spoke loud and clearly last November, didn’t they!! (although it sure as hell didn’t take me 4 YEARS to figure Bush’s scheme out: I READ “Rebuilding America’s Defenses“)

I’m not going to waste TIME detailing all the Intellectual Reasons (?) why we’re still bogged down in Iraq, because quite frankly to me most (if not all) the professed reasons are spurious and do not reach the level of ‘Sound Thinking’ or Reasoning. Instead, allow me to state ‘why’ I feel we’re as stuck as a pig in the mud of Iraq:

                                    Hubris and Racism!!

Our Country ~ My Country ~ has this bad habit of taking nonwhite LIFE as cheap and expendable. This is an Historical FACT that I need not defend or need amplify on. But it is a factor that has allowed our Foreign Policy to be so wreckless, and an ‘out’ for Presidents to escape RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY when things go predictably WRONG.

Hell, I don’t have to go back to Slavery or the damn near Genocide suffered by African and Native Americans (Indian) here at Home; but just look at the brutality just over the past 50 years or so:

Philippines; the NUKING of Japanese and the treatment of same in U.S. Concentration Camps (Relocation Centers)  during WWII; Haiti; Panama; Cuba; Vietnam and on-and-on culminating with Iraq! And in each and every case we saw ‘nonwhite people’ getting the living daylights kicked out of them until they either capitulated, or Defended themselves to the hilt, or prevailed against the Foreign Invader:


Oh, I KNOW that Presidents used nice sounding words and phrases to rationalize this country’s actions. Phrases like “We Shall Return” (WHY?? <g>) or “To Spread Democracy From Sea To Shining Sea” (Manifest Destiny) or “Operation Enduring Freedom” etc. all sound nice, but generally all these cute little phrases did was to mask Racism and perceived acts of White Supremacy by way of Hubris!

The United States would never ever, ever, EVER commit the acts of brutality against similarly Armed ‘white countries’ as they willy-nilly do against those that just happen to be nonwhite, or non-Christian, or have a reasonably formidable Military!

And what makes me r-e-a-l-l-y sick is : when things go astray or victory is in doubt …. WE truly care little for the THOUSANDS of ‘nonwhite lives’ ruined by our little Adventures & Escapades!!

                       It’s always all about US!!

We care no more about the average Iraqi than we do about the average Panamanian, or average Haitian, or average Sudanese, or average Native American …. or damn sure the average African American!

This Country ~ My Country ~ has a bad streak of Mordorism about itself. And until “WE” start looking upon “others” as legitimate “Human Beings” worthy of the SAME ‘Right of Existence’ as White Americans (or White People in general), then we’ll continue to go down this Path of Death & Destruction until a ‘Ring Bearer’ comes knocking on our door as well.

The ‘Witch King’


6 Responses to ““Four YEARS and Counting!””

  1. j4jesus said

    Oh great. Someone else trying to convince us that America is the # 1 force of evil in the world! The world would be a great place if the US just disappeared. Of course, then again, if it did, you might to be able to so forcefully write about and share your opinions . . .

  2. Scorpio said

    See! You think that America is the ONLY country on the face of the earth where one can OPENLY express themselves, huh! Just as you apparently hold to the MYTH that we here in the United States have an Open Press or that this is a True Democracy!!

    I can’t get upset with the Comments of those that are too Narrow Minded and parocial in outlook re this or any other Issues that matter.

  3. j4jesus said

    Don’t think its a democracy. Think its a republic and think that’s why its worked. Of course its not the only nation where folks have the right to express themselves freely.

    I don’t believe that the US is the world’s great savior, but neither do I believe it is the world’s great satan.

    Are you calling me narrow-minded because I am unwilling to buy into your conspiracy theories about the US and its roll in the world? That sounds kind of narrow-minded!

  4. Scorpio said

    Why …. George has told you Right wingers that it was DEMOCRACY that he was spreading in the Mideast (Iraq specifically); so don’t get bent out of shape when I use the ‘words’ sanctimoniously employed by YOUR PRESIDENT!

    And regards your use of the term “Satin” ~ a rose by any other name is still a Rose, so you tell me why even in the Western Nations …. that the United States ranked with Iran as nations that are the least responsible in Advancing Fredom & Peace in the world.

    And I call you Narrow Minded because you merely spout Right wing dogma! Unless, that is, that YOU still believe there are WMDs in Iraq, or that Iraq was an immanent danger to the U.S. and U.K., or that Iraq was responsible for 911.

    You know: the kind of nonsense your ‘boys’ chirp DAILY on Limbaugh. Heil Hannity, and Michael Savage’s White House Propaganda echo machines.

    Your Problem, my man, is that you read the U.S. History Textbooks that were made sanitized and prestine for Right wing purposes. Also, you have Accepted and Believe so much in the “Myth” of America … that ya can’t see the ugly backstreets of this nation’s Greed, Hubris, and Racism as it relates to dealing with nonwhite peoples!

  5. j4jesus said

    9-11 was our fault, huh?

    By the way, I am more than familiar with the greed, hubris and racism in this country. You should not hear me saying that America is perfect. It is not. America cannot solve the world’s problems. In fact, the American government cannot solve most of the problems that we face within our own borders. I simply don’t buy into the “hubris” and dogma that Michael Moore and MoveOn are feeding all of their followers.

    More to the point: here is the question that I think you and others must answer: what must happen for America to get itself right in the world.

    And one more thought: (and I could be wrong here) but before you lecture us all about greed, when was the last time you turned on a computer purchased on credit, or put gasoline in a car, or stopped at a coffee shop, or ate out, or bought new clothes or shopped in an organic market or watched television or saw a movie? Greed is not just a governmental thing. It begins at the grass roots level. It’s sort of like Al Gore lecturing all of us about our SUV’s and energy consumption while he flies around on private jets, burns up electricity in his own home and then tries to placate us by saying he’s buying carbon offsets.

    Believe me: I am not one who has bought wholesale into Rush and Hannity and I’ve never even listened to Michael Savage. The problem is that you have bought into everything you hear Michael Moore and MoveOn and Al Franken tell you.

    For example: Rush and Hannity are way off base on the immigration issue and totally misunderstand how the American Dream really works in regards to this issue. The local economy would fall apart where I live if illegal immigrants weren’t here! My suspicion is that they are off base in totally writing off global warming (even though the mainstream media has done an excellent job of shutting down climatologists and scientists who aren’t so sure about it). Moreover, I think that many of my fellow Christians are totally wrong about bans on gay marriage. I also think that the Republican Party is totally off base on its platform on the death penalty. In fact, one of the worst things that may have happened to evangelical Christianity is its life-times one night stand with the republican party!

    I challenge you to tell me something that you’ve heard from Moore or Gore or Soros or MoveOn that you believe they are absolutely wrong about. Perhaps that will help us figure out who thinks critically and who does not.

    Perhaps you should move to Iran. Apparently there’s no difference between here and there. Oh yeah! You couldn’t write these kind of comments in Iran.

  6. j4jesus said

    Call me crazy, but I don’t consider the “United Nations” an expert in what governments spread democracy and which do not. Seems strange to me that you could have China, Iran, Syria and North Korea laying out guidelines for what countries spread democracy and which do not.

    That does not mean that America is above critique, but it does mean that there are some nations whose critiques need to be looked at, to use your term again, as containing a bit hubris.

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