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“MORE ‘Flight To The Ford'”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 19, 2007




In this Chapter several things are Memorable to me ~ besides those magnificent “Black Riders” (three of which were Black Numenorians <g>):

Firstly, again Tolkien injects History into the Chapter by presenting to us ol’ Bert, Tom, and William Huggins ~ the 3 stone-trolls of Bilbo Baggins days. For you see, in this point of the Tale Frodo, Sam, Merry, Strider, and Pippin have now arrived in the Trollshaws Region, in an area I just recently learned was called the ‘Angle’ (the region between Rivendell and the Bruinen River.

See! That’s why I keep rereading this damn thing!  : )

Yeah! Ol’ Bert, Tom, and William Huggins were the 3 trolls that Gandalf ‘tricked’ and were turned into actual STONE during “The Hobbit”.

Secondly. The Chapter concludes with NOT Lady Arwen and Frodo racing to the ‘Ford of Bruinen’ to escape the “Black Riders” (as was depicted in the Movie) :

                                 but Frodo alone!

And in the BOOK, do you KNOW whose horse carried Frodo?


Not Lady Arwen (as in the Movie) ~ but Glorfindel!!

               And his horse was named ‘Asfaloth’!!

In the movie the chase between “The Black Riders” and Lady Arwen and Frodo was magnificent, wasn’t it. In fact, when I visted New Zealand I made a point to visit the site where the ‘Ford of Bruinen’ was shot! In New Zealand its the Arrow River:

and I stood (or waded) at the SAME LOCATION that you see in the Film!!

And wasn’t the ‘Chase Scene’ in the Film beautiful and magnificent! Ahh, those magnificent ‘Black Riders’ and their beautiful steeds ….. chasing Lady Arwen and Frodo through magnificent scenery that is only New Zealand and Middle earth!

BTW ~ were you folks aware that the Film “The Bridge to Tarabithia” was filmed in New Zealand!!  : )



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