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“Whenever I hear ….”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 20, 2007

Whenever I hear or read Right wingers, it brings me back to a time when I was naive, very Young, and ignorant. Back to a time when I thought “My Country” could do no wrong; and back to a time when everybody within the Larger Society (whites) held to this Belief that America was the Greatest Thing since sliced bread!

See. I was raised in a small Midwestern Ohio town. And like most small Midwestern towns, the citizens there took great Pride in Patriotism; they held the utmost Respect for those holding High Public Office (like a President); and they held tenaciously to the Idea that the United States was not only the brightest beacon in the dark and scary sea to nations that hungered for what we had i.e. Democracy ~ but also that America was the Leader of the ‘Free World’.

After all: didn’t our U.S. History Textbooks say that such was so?

The town I grew up in was predominantly ‘white’, save the 30 or so Black Families that called this town “Home” too. And I recall that despite the occasional racism (there were too few of us Blacks for whites to get too upset over), the occasional being called out of Name ~ if ya catch my driff ~ still we few Blacks held to this same “Myth” of America that whites clung to. That being:

That the United States was ALWAYS right …. and could do no wrong either at Home or around the world.

But I grew up!  : )

As a “Child of the Civil Rights Movement” I realized and Learned that America was full of ills that needed attending to. That the United States, despite its assertions to the contrary, was instead of being the ‘Home of the Brave’ & and the ‘Land of the Free’ …. was in fact a Land where Racism and Bigotry was the real ‘Law of the Land’. That America had in fact for MILLIONS of her Citizens become a living Nightmare instead of the so-called ‘American Dream’.

Life EXPERIENCE taught me THAT if nothing else!!

I received my Undergraduate Degree at a predominantly Black University (Central State University in Ohio). And it was there that my eyes became truly open for the first time in my Life. All of the great Black Intellectuals and ‘Freedom Fighters’ of the Civil Rights Movement I heard ‘LIVE’ while at college; as well I GREW tremendously during discussions in ‘ALL Night Rap Sessions’ ….. struggling and arguing about Issues that effected Black & Brown Peoples not only in the United States …. but around the world as well.

Later I would visit Africa. For 6 weeks I traveled West Africa and studied their Educational System. And what has stayed with me all my life was the fact that I grew to Understand and Appreciate the ‘Dignity of Mankind’ as a whole.

And while there I learned yet another very important Lesson. One day an African Gentleman that I highly respected told me:

“If you ever want to KNOW how the rest of the World feels about a certain Issue: just read what the ‘New York Times’ says about it …. then believe the opposite!”

I say all this to simply say ….. that I was one of the ‘Lucky Ones’:

 I left my little cocoon of Narrow Thinking, Narrow Mindedness, Hubris, and misplaced TRUST in what much of our government said about ‘anything’ as being TRUE ~ and instead Read and Sudied and talked to People all of whom viewed the world (and America) through the lens of “Reality” rather than “Myth”.

I grew up!!  : )

You see. Most Americans rather then seeking ways to EXPAND their Knowledge of People, Places, and Things ~ instead resort (or fall back on) a reliance on “Myth” and “Prejudice” to form the Basis of their Reasoning.

To most Americans, ‘Old Tales’ told during childhood about a certain People or Group or Place or Religion lingers malignantly in the Mind and festers to the point whereby Society merely reflects this “Myth” about America told during Childhood ~ a “Myth” that in the Twenty-first Century that can be both debilitating and dangerous.

This is why I feel nothing but pity when I read or hear Right wing Ideology and Hatred being parroted on the radio, TV, or on the internet. Because to be quite blunt:

these folk simply have not grown up!!

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