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“Look UP and see Earendil!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 21, 2007

two day

The Moon’s thin crescent will tonight only be visible for a short while after sunset, low in the west. Although the Sun only illuminates a small part of the Moon as seen from the Earth, an observer on the Moon would see that the opposite is true of the Earth – it would appear almost full. As a result, the dark portion of the Moon receives a good deal of light reflected from the Earth, and it may be possible to see, faintly, much of the detail normally only visible around the time of the full moon. This effect is sometimes called the “old moon in the new moon’s arms”.


For all you “Lord of the Rings” Fans ~ go out and look up at that beautiful Moon. Because directly beneath it you’ll see Earendil, Father of Elrond, floating amidst a black heavenly sea. The Silmaril shining brightly on the bow of his ship Vingilot


There he is!

As a sign of Hope to those oppressed by Evil.

Earendil the Beautiful!

              Earendil “The Flammifer of Westernesse”!

                                        Go! See Earendil!!
                                            May the Valar be with you


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