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“You tell’em, Gov.!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 21, 2007

 The Felicity Daily Herald
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Schwarzenegger Calls Rush ‘Irrelevant’

LOS ANGELES – Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday that the views of his conservative critics, including Rush Limbaugh, are irrelevant to his work in California.

“All irrelevant. Rush Limbaugh is irrelevant. I am not his servant,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show.

The governor’s repudiation of Limbaugh comes as he is being accused of betraying his party’s values. Many fellow Republicans have balked at Schwarzenegger’s more moderate views on stem-cell research, global warming and universal health care.

Schwarzenegger said he was “the people’s servant of California. What they call me — Democrat or Republican or in the center, this and that — that is not my bottom line.”

Limbaugh responded on his radio program: “If he had the leadership skills to articulate conservative principles and win over the public as (former President) Reagan did, then he would have stayed conservative.”

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said the governor’s comments were not meant as a personal attack.

“The question was about the criticisms the governor gets from the right, and he thinks it’s irrelevant to what he’s trying to accomplish here in California,” McLear said.

Schwarzenegger has been a registered Republican since becoming a U.S. citizen in 1983.

When first elected in 2003, Schwarzenegger offered a populist message. But then he made a conservative shift two years later when he tried to push through a series of measures that, among other things, would have diminished the influence of California’s public employee unions. His approval ratings plummeted.

More recently, he’s been championing political cooperation under something he’s dubbed “post-partisanship.”


The other night I turned on my radio to listen to “Right wing ‘Talk Radio'” and I swear to god:

Soon I started to grow fangs <g>.

My chest became a rug of Neanderthal type hair; I suddenly had this urge to want to KILL somebody ~ preferably some Dark Skinned kat <g>; as well I started to sing “God Bless America” while drinking a glass of oil and blood!

                                        : )

My Governor ~ the Governator <g> ~ ‘Gets It’! Arnold finally realized that if he wished to govern in the Great State of California where bright and articulate people reside …. that he needed to DUMP that loony tune GOP Agenda and get with the People!

Conservatism, especially the Right wing kind, is nothing more then Death, Destruction, Intolerance, Empty Jingoism, and Racist by intent. Principles, I might add, that are successful ONLY when the American People are scared, harmed, or overly Nationalistic. But ya see …. those Conditions are merely temporary and can not sustain itself more then a few years. By then the People WAKE UP and shake from the slumber such bogus and ‘Wild Man’ thinking.

Arnold can ‘read’ an audience, baby!  : )

See. That’s why he had the audacity to call Rush Fatbaugh ‘out’ the other day. Because he (Arnold) knows that the ‘Day of the Neanderthal’ is OVER! Middle Class Americans are NOW asking questions about their jobs; their Pensions; their Homes; the shrinking Economy; the corruption in High Places; and the Leadership in this nation.

It’s all well and dandy to Wave Flags and proudly sing “God Bless America” when the government scares the living daylights out of ya with ‘Terrorist Talk’ and Color Alerts 24/7 :

quite another when your Job is being shipped overseas and you see a $3/gal sign posted when you go to fill your gas tank.

One thing to rant and rave about ‘Islamo Fascist’ over there, quite another to KNOW that your President is reading your emails; and/or going through your bank accounts; and/or using the Attorney General as his Personal “Boy”, huh!

I’ve NEVER understood the allure of kats like Fatball, Hannity, and Savage.


Because to ‘get in’ to their way of THINKING (?), one must BY NATURE truly be a BASTARD that cares little for anything or anybody save oneself!

Bill O’Reilly ~ that ‘Dead Head’ ~ represents the WORST of Human Behavior and Intellectual Development. That’s why I’m so happy that Republicans (like Arnold) are finally saying to these Neanderthals that feed on the Lowest Common Denominator of Human debasement:

             “You kats are IRRELEVANT!”


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