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“Yeah, they did!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 22, 2007

“California Dreaming”

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The ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ and the Lamp in Narnia





Beginning in the “Fifth Age” of Middle Earth

Rethe 22, 5007

Yesterday was one of those Delicious Days in my tiny desert Kingdom of Felicity! And since the temperature ranged in the Upper 70s, I decided to visit one of my favorite Latte Shops and just Observe a little bit.

I made several Observations at that time.   : )

First of all ~ even I had to enter the ‘Age of the Cell Phone’, okay! So I’ve made my peace with Cell Phones and their many assortments; however, one gizmo about Cellography that I’ll NEVER accept …. are these ‘ear sets’ shaped like ugly ear rings and makes anybody that uses them appear as Futuristic Zombies!

                                            : )

And not only that <g> : what makes these contraptions so weird is …. that the person that is using the damn things appear to be TALKING TO THEMSELVES!   : )

Each time I come across kats using these 1984 “Big Brother” contraptions (g), my first inclination is to call the State Hospital to come grab this mentally deranged individual: but then I notice he/she is merely talking into their ear piece.

Lawd have Mercy.   : )

But anyway <g>. So I grab my Latte and take a seat outside. When soon a mother and child sit next to me. She takes from her purse all manner of ‘baby food’, baby gadgets, and baby ‘who knows what’ ~ which I found not too troubling. But then it happens:

She begins talking to her youngster using “Gaa-Gaa, Goo-Goo,” Baby Talk!  : )

Hell! I could tell even the Baby was getting sick listening to all that gibberish! C’mon, People ~ if ya have to have babies …. don’t start teaching them to talk like George Bush, OK!   : )

But I was Rewarded this day because well …. several WOMEN told me how handsome I looked ~ and that I favored Oakland’s Mayor Ron Dellums!

                        Yeah, they did!  : )

So, despite the irksome Cell ‘Head Sets’ and the Mothers that think talking to their little ‘crumb snatchers’ in a manner one would speak to a cute puppy is OK <g>; nevertheless the Day turned out quite swell ….. after I Learned that Ron Dellums actually ‘looks like’ ME!   : )

Oh! And Observing all the Pretty California Women prance around ME in their thin skirts, or tight jeans, and of course their robust ‘Cleavage’ made the Day swell for me as well!  : )


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