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“Go Bucks!” please?

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 23, 2007

     The Felicity Daily Herald
   “All the news that’s fit to print; and a whole lot more”

Buckeyes Need Huge Rally to Drop Tennessee

Foul Trouble Plagues Oden, Supporting Cast Delivers


AP Sports

SAN ANTONIO (March 22) – Ohio State senior Ron Lewis knew better than to look at the scoreboard. One look at the Tennessee Volunteers  told him all he needed to know. Although the top-seeded Buckeyes trailed by 17 and freshman sensation Greg Oden  was in deep foul trouble, Lewis could tell his team had the Vols right where they wanted them. Their body language was like they already had the game won,” Lewis said.

Lewis and Mike Conley shook Tennessee out of it by tying the game midway through the half, then the energized Buckeyes outplayed the Volunteers down the stretch for an 85-84 victory Thursday night in the semifinals of the NCAA South Regional.


March Madness“, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney is named.



I only follow college basketball during “March Madness”. This year ~ low and behold ~ The Ohio State University Buckeyes (Ranked #1 at the end of the Regular Season, Nationally) remains STILL ALIVE after SURVIVING Death Experiences against Xavier and last night the Vols.


Historically and Traditionally, The Ohio State is NOT considered a basketball powerhouse. In fact, they last won the National Championship over 40 YEARS ago when Jerry Lucus & Company were Kings.


The Buckeyes are Traditionally known as Football Kings; so this current run by the ‘Bucks’ comes as quite a pleasant and welcomed surprise to “Buck Fans” everywhere ~ including your’s truly.


But despite their #1 Ranking at the end of the Regular Season, and despite their reaching the ‘Elite Eight’ in this year’s Basketball Tournament ~ unlike their run for the NCAA Football Crown this past Season …. I’m not getting too enthused about the Bucks winning it all in basketball. After all, I got all excited when the Bucks, after having a PERFECT Football Season, got WAXED by the Florida Gators in football:


and the Florida Gators are STILL around in the BASKETBALL Tourney yet again this year!



So. I watch with somewhat a DETACHED posture as my Buckeyes endure Death Experience after Death Experience as they struggle to reach the “Final Four’ in Atlanta.


But I KNOW already: that by me just Blogging about them ~ I’ve administered the “Kiss of Death” to the guys ever seeing Peachtree Street in Atlanta.   : )

                                                Go Bucks!



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