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“Leader Nancy!!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on April 4, 2007


     The Felicity Daily Herald
   “All the news that’s fit to print; and a whole lot more”

Pelosi meets Syrian president

By ZEINA KARAM, Associated Press Writer 

DAMASCUS, Syria – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) held talks with  Syria‘s leader Wednesday despite White House objections, saying she pressed President Bashar Assad over his country’s support for militant groups and passed him a peace message from  Israel.

The meeting was an attempt to push the Bush administration to open a direct dialogue with Syria, a step that the White House has rejected. Congressional Democrats insist the U.S. attempts to isolate Syria have failed to force the Assad government to change its policies.

Rep. Tom Lantos (news, bio, voting record), the head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who was in Pelosi’s delegation, said the meeting “reinforced sharply” the potential benefits of talking to Syria. “This is only the beginning of our constructive dialogue with Syria and we hope to build on this visit,” he told reporters.

On Tuesday,  President Bush denounced Pelosi’s visit to Syria, saying it sends mixed signals to Assad’s government. “Sending delegations doesn’t work. It’s simply been counterproductive,” Bush said.


Good for Nancy Pelosi.

In fact, “GREAT!!” for the Lady Speaker!

Why, oh why, this idea that “talking to people” (even our perceived Enemies) is looked upon as a Bad Idea or somehow a sign of weakness has ALWAYS seemed LOONY to me. Only insecure and frightened People and Nations think like that; so damn it, it took a WOMAN to show these so-called hardass Conservatives and neocon ‘White Males’ how to LEAD in the Twenty-first Century.

But then again ~ Nancy lives in California.   : )

But seriously. It’s when one has no Defense for their Position; or when one Fears what they don’t Understand; or when one Leads by Intimidation and Bullying …. it’s only when the aforementioned occurs that one refuses to “TALK” to other People or Nations. This attitude has been part-and-parcel of the Bush Administration even before they stole the Presidential Election of 2000. That’s why Nancy ~  God Bless her ~ has been a big breath of Fresh Air.

Yet there’s Bush saying:

 “Sending delegations doesn’t work. It’s simply been counterproductive,”

Oh! I suppose dropping BOMBS and “Shock & Awe” on People is productive, huh George?”

And who’s to say whether or not Nancy’s visit to Syria didn’t assist in the Release of those Brits in Iran, hum!

My ONLY reservation I have in what Nancy is doing in Syria is ….. she needs to squash that verbiage about how Syria needs to ‘cool it’ insofar as arming militants. And I say that because of the old adage:

One man’s Militant …. is another man’s Freedom Fighter!”

This LABELING of People and Groups has been another terrible Flaw of THIS ADMINISTRATION. Something Democrats need to not copy or emulate.


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