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“Imus: big frickin’ deal!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on April 9, 2007

The Felicity Daily Herald
   “All the news that’s fit to print; and a whole lot more”

Critics Demand Imus Be Fired Over Remarks

He Discusses Racist Statements on Air With Al Sharpton

(April 9) — Radio talk show host Don Imus said this morning that he wanted to meet with members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team to apologize in person for comments he made on air last week.

“These women don’t know who I am,” Imus said today on his syndicated radio show. “They don’t know if I’m on a right-wing diatribe or I was drunk.” 

On his show Wednesday, Imus was talking to producer Bernard McGuirk about the NCAA women’s championship game when he said of the Rutgers team, “That’s some nappy-headed hos there, I’m going to tell you that.”

The next day, Imus downplayed the comments, saying it was “some idiot comment meant to be amusing.”

By Friday, however, amid a gathering storm of outrage, he offered this apology: “It was completely inappropriate, and we can understand why people were offended. Our characterization was thoughtless and stupid, and we are sorry.”

It’s an apology many people have rejected.

“It’s really stunning to me that you can say these things and keep your job,” said Christine Brennan, a USA Today sports columnist and ABC News consultant.

For years, Imus and his show have been criticized for racial remarks that many think cross the line. Just last month his show was denounced by some for an impersonation of poet Maya Angelou by a producer.

“Who was that woman you used to do, the poet?” Imus asked a producer on the show. “We used to get in all that trouble every time you’d do her.”

“That’s right,” the producer said, before doing an impression of Angelou: “Whitey plucked you from the jungle; for too many years took away your pride, your dignity and your spears.”

Times Have Changed?

Leaders in the black community, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, say Imus is a racist and should be fired. Sharpton has said that he intends to complain to the Federal Communications Commission about the matter.

“I am not one that feels this can just go away without us establishing a serious precedent that enough is enough,” Sharpton said.

Imus took a seat on the other side of the microphone, appearing on Sharpton’s radio show Monday. Before the appearance, Imus admitted “tt’s not going to be easy, but I’m not looking for it to be easy.” 

While on the show, he endured more criticism for his offensive comments. After issuing another apology, Sharpton called his comments “abominable” and “racist” and repeated his demand that Imus be fired.

“Our agenda is to be funny and sometimes we go to far. And this time we went way too far,” Imus told Sharpton

Sharpton and others have likened Imus’ latest comments not to social satire but to offensive remarks aimed at black athletes in the 1980s.

Dodgers vice president Al Campanis resigned under pressure after comments he made on ABC News’ “Nightline” in 1987.

“Why are black men or black people bad swimmers? Because they don’t have the buoyancy,” Campanis said on the program.

And in a shocking instance in 1988, then-CBS sports analyst Jimmy the Greek said, “The black is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be that way.”

Those comments were made close to 20 years ago, and times have changed in terms of what is acceptable on-air commentary.

But many wonder whether the times are really that different. The answer maybe revealed in what happens to Imus.

“Campanis had to go. Jimmy the Greek had to go,” Sharpton said.

This morning on his show, Imus continued to say he had no excuses.

“I’m not a bad person, I’m a good person, but I said a bad thing,” he said, “but these young women deserve to know it was not said with malice.”


First of all, I don’t stay up at 3AM to WATCH Don Imus, ok. Secondly, when I do catch his “act” I rarely found his ‘stuff’ Offensive. Boring: but not Offensive. Thirdly, I think that what he said re the black women basketballers on the Rutgers team to be stupid, ignorant, and mean-spirited (as well as previous comments he has made in the past re Blacks); however, do I feel Imus should be Fired due to Public Outrage from Blacks and others:

                                                   Hell, No!!

And I say this because …. I abhor Censorship. In fact, “Freedom of Speech” does not mean freedom to express ONLY those things I ‘like’ and make me happy, but “All Speech” and Expression should be honored. If I don’t like what is expressed …. I can simply choose not to listen to the Program (or read the paper) or I can withdraw my support of the Sponsors. But to Demand that somebody be FIRED????

And there’s another aspect at work here that I rile against, and that being the treating of Black Folk as little immature children who must be protected against harmful or hateful Speech. Because after all, for 400 YEARS we’ve endured all manner of violence, hurt, pain, and racism ~ yet SURVIVED; so to think that Blacks can’t handle the “N word” (nigger) or sluff off what Imus says is in fact further degrading and demeaning the Emotional Level of  “All Blacks”.

See. When I advocate a Principle of Law or what it means insofar as just plain Common Sense, I’m CONSISTANT! Hell, I’ve heard Al Sharpton express of those of the White Race in just as similarly course & crude terms …. so let’s be REAL, Al!!

We’re all adults. All capable of turning the channel, or not buying the newspaper or magazine, or choosing not to listen to a radio program that expresses hate and lunatic verbiage (like Limbaugh or Hannity). And likewise as Adults, we have the Right to choose what constitutes Proper Speech and decorum WITHOUT calling for the HEAD of a person that expressed him or herself in an unwise manner.

Either we act like Adults and support the Principle of “Freedom of Speech and Expression” or not. I say let Imus’s EMPLOYERS deal with this. But asfor me ~ I’ll simply choose not to watch his nonsense on those rare occasions when I’m up at 3AM.

Simple as THAT!!



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