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“More than Imus!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on April 13, 2007

How terribly the two Races range afar when it comes to Issues of Race.

I’ve heard and listened to a LOT these past several days. And what I’ve heard and seen on TV simply amazes me as to how Blacks  & Whites do in fact perceive Issues entirely differently. And what I’m left with is:

1) I doubt seriously that the two Races (black & white) will ever reach a point of Common Ground insofar as addressing the Issues that have profound effects upon both Races

2) Unless the two Races somehow- and in some mysterious way – strive to reach a modicum of Understanding and Respect towards one another …. then eventually we’ll see a point reached in this country whereby Blacks and Whites will clash with one another similar to the Shiia and Sunni in Iraq

3)  That as a result of our Racial Divisons, the United States will be unable to compete in the Global World and Global Economies of the Twenty-first Century. That old tired and tried posture of “Either you’re with us or against us!” crap won’t fly in the New Century.

It’s that BAD out here, Folks!!

And all this “Who shot John” and “Blame Game” and scape-goating will only further serve to diminish and further erode  America and America’s professed claim to World Leadership. But I’ve been Observing this slow decline of the once ‘great’ United States of America for most of my Natural Life. I’ve Observed and Experienced the hypocrisy, the hubris, the lies, the myths perpetrated by the Selfish – the Hateful – the Ignorant now for so long …. that it’s hard to even care a ‘fig’ anymore.

It really is.

I don’t know WHAT white folk do (or think) within their gated communities ~ and I don’t want to know judging from what I’ve listened to these past 2 days, baby!

I’ve heard enough.

I’ve listened to enough “stuff” these past several days to last a Lifetime insofar as what my Caucasian Brothers THINK about me & Kind, as well as how they perceive the World. Because believe me:

I wasn’t raised to HATE or Demean any “Child of God” due to his/her skin color, religion, creed, or National Origin.

You folks have LOST me, baby!!

This “Imus Mess” has grown more than Imus himself. To me, it has been a Real Revelation about a whole lot of things that effects us all. But I find that in order to maintain my own sense of sanity and Self Worth ~ I just can’t Dance with y’all no more.

We’re in an entirely DIFFERENT world and space.

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