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“The Right KNOWS Best?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on April 19, 2007

Backlash leads to pullback on Cho video

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer Thu Apr 19, 2:58 PM ET

NEW YORK – With a backlash developing against the media for airing sickening pictures from Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, Fox News Channel said Thursday it would stop and other networks said they would severely limit their use.

NBC News was the recipient Wednesday of Cho‘s package of rambling, hate-filled video and written messages, with several pictures of him posing with a gun. Contents began airing on “Nightly News,” and its rivals quickly used them, too.

Family members of victims canceled plans to appear on NBC’s “Today” show Thursday because they “were very upset” with the network for showing the pictures, “Today” host Meredith Vieira said.

Virginia State Police Col. Steve Flaherty — who praised NBC Wednesday for coming to authorities first with the package — said Thursday he was disappointed with what the network showed.

“I just hate that a lot of people not used to seeing that type of image had to see it,” he said.

NBC said the material was aired because it helped to answer the question of why Cho killed 32 people and himself on the Virginia Tech campus Monday.

“The decision to run this video was reached by virtually every news organization in the world, as evidenced by coverage on television, on Web sites and in newspapers,” NBC said in a statement. “We have covered this story — and our unique role in it — with extreme sensitivity, underscored by our devoted efforts to remember and honor the victims and heroes of this tragic incident.”

NBC and its MSNBC cable outlet will “severely limit” use of these pictures going forward, “Today” host Matt Lauer said, a restriction echoed by ABC News. At both CBS News and CNN, producers will need explicit approval from their bosses to use them going forward.

Fox News announced on the air late Thursday morning that it would no longer air Cho‘s material, saying “sometimes you change your mind.”

These decisions, of course, came more than 12 hours after the pictures became available, after they already made their impact. The news cycle dictates they would be used less, anyway.

“It has value as breaking news,” said ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider, “but then becomes practically pornographic as it is just repeated ad nauseam.”

Jon Klein, president of CNN U.S., said the decision to air it was a tough call.

“As breaking news, it’s pertinent to our understanding of why this was done,” he said. “Then, once the public has seen the material and digested it, then it’s fair to say, `How much should we be showing it?’ I think it’s to the credit of news organizations that they are dialing back.”

NBC News said it had no indication why Cho chose it for his message. A Postal Service time stamp shows it was mailed at 9:01 a.m. Monday, during the two hours between his first shooting at a Virginia Tech dorm and his massacre at a classroom building.

NBC News is owned by General Electric Co. ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Co. CBS is owned by CBS Corp. CNN is owned by Time Warner Inc. Fox News Channel is owned by News Corp.


One aspect of this horrifying incident at Virginia Tech is that NOW NBC is being TRASHED for airing a segment of Cho‘s Manifesto. And as usual, I hear these sanctimonious crocodile tears being shed by the Right wing:

the same cabal that desires to Sanitize the ‘sights & sounds’ of what is going on in Iraq ( and why, too, we view Iraqis as only Statistics); the same Group that think only THEY KNOW what is BEST for us to see or listen to (Censorship);

and the same Klan that applauds all manner of Violence against “Others” when perpetrated under the Banner of “Old Glory” or “Infinite Justice”.

To listen to these yahoos on the Right, I guess if they’re to be believed …. only Law Enforcement is the better arbitor as to ‘what’ is in the BEST INTEREST of the American Public to see or hear. Hell, that’s like a Belief in allowing George Bush and THIS ADMINISTRATION to solely arbitrate what constitutes an imminent threat to the United States!!

Monday evening I had one great question that needed context:


             WHY would a kid be moved to do what he did??

 Oh, it was OBVIOUS the shooter was troubled and had issues ~ but I wanted some CONTEXT as to ‘why’. The Release of Cho‘s Manifesto by NBC provided me some of this “Context”.

Of course seeing Cho dressed in paramilitary garb and reciting his distorted Explanation as to ‘why’ HE felt the perceived need to do what he did would be repugnant to the families involved. No doubt the Release of Cho‘s multimedia expose would bring further PAIN to the Virginia Tech Family:

but unless we, as a Society, seek to Understand (and take note of) those among us that are in NEED of Mental Health intervention ….. then I feel all we’re doing is inviting future Chos to take some form of action somewhere or sometime in the Future.

My Lord. In a “Free Society” it takes more then the government or Law Enforcement to Protect us from Ourselves. And as for me, I’ll place my Safety and Security by scrutinizing and ev “ALL” the aspects of a potential Problem or Threat rather than relying on the government, or Right wingers, or the Bill Bennets & Mark Fuhrmans telling me ‘what’ I should see or hear.

WE are our Brothers Keepers! Each of us has the moral and spiritual Responsibility to ‘look out for’ and HELP “The Least of these” (as the Christian Bible states) to insure a Safer and more Perfect Union. But to shield the Public from the Evil and ill amongst us makes no more sense to me than thinking that living in a Gated Community is the answer to all our security needs.

Besides:  Who’s WATCHING the Right wing???


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