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Posted by scorpiomkm on April 20, 2007




As Human Beings, we grow older and Learn in ‘Real Terms’ just how fragile LIFE is. That, too, we Learn how quickly our TIME passes on this ‘good earth of ours’.

As we grow older.

So therefore, when we see (or experience) LIFE cut short, or as while in our Youth we Observe the seemingly needless Loss of those we consider our peers …. then the Mystery of ‘Life & Death’ quickly engages us in the life long Search for explanation and meaning of our Days.

We are all mortal. Nobody KNOWS precisely how much sand is contained in our Hour Glass. That is why during TIMES like these it’s important to Celebrate and Love “ALL LIFE“. A life rich with Friends and Family (if we are so Blessed); a life full of Love and Challenge (if perceived that way); and most importantly, to cherish each-and-every fleeting MOMENT we’re given by our Creator.

When we experience Youth ‘cut short’ by unexpected or tragic Death, often we want ‘answers’ to questions that offer none. Sometimes it’s often easy to question even our own religious Beliefs ~ as if God SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER then to take a LIFE so young. But then we once again come to the realization that we have little control over ‘Life’ or ‘Death’; and that all we can do is LIVE what LIFE we have been gifted with, and as best as we can …. and always not to take our Friends, Family, Fellow Workers, and People in general for granted.

I Pray for the People directly effected by the Virginia Tech tragedy, and hope that their Healing will be swift. For we have ~ all of us ~ very little precious TIME to mourn those lost to Death; for as Dunn stated:

                     ” …. the Bell tolls for thee!” as well.

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