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“Your turn, King George!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on May 1, 2007


Democrats send Iraq timeline to Bush

By ANNE FLAHERTY and JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – Democratic congressional leaders on Tuesday sent  Iraq legislation setting timetables for U.S. troop withdrawals to President Bush and a certain veto.

On the fourth anniversary of the president’s “Mission Accomplished” speech, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (news, bio, voting record) said that Bush “has put our troops in the middle of a civil war. A change of course is needed.”

Bush, meeting in Florida with military commanders, said such an approach could turn Iraq into a “cauldron of chaos.”

The White House said the president would veto the bill on his return to the White House and then go before television cameras at 6:10 p.m. EDT, just before the evening news shows, to make a statement


The Congress of the United States, performing its Duty to Control the Purse Strings, has ACTED and now THIS PRESIDENT will Veto the Bill. Thus AGAIN …. One Man will place the welfare of Troops and the ‘will’ of the American People secondarily to that of his Napoleonic Complexed mind.

Go figure!

Bush LIED to the World re the so-called reasons for ATTACKING Iraq;

Bush has fomented al Qaeda to NOW being a legitimate Force in Iraq where previously under Saddam they were not;

Bush & Halliburton has bilked the U.S. Treasury dry now for 4 YEARS on incomplete intrastructure work, unfulfilled military obligations, and BILLIONS of ‘Lost Funds’ just VANISH into the dry Iraqi air and have fallen into a Black Hole;

Bush has unleashed a bitter and bloody Civil War in Iraq;

and currently not a weekend goes by where HUNDREDS of Iraqis are waxed by car bombers or roadside bombing attacks:

yet THIS MAN ~ Bush ~ continues to play Nero and fiddle while Baghdad and the U.S. burns!!

WHO in their right minds want to continue seeing this ‘Blood Bath’ take place in Iraq; especially when “WE” are viewed by the World as THE  RESPONSIBLE PARTY in the blood letting to begin with , hum?

I can recall following our DEFEAT in Vietnam (and that’s what it was), there were no mass killings of Innocent Civilians following our pullout! In fact, TODAY we have “Normal” relations with Vietnam over that of even Cuba or Venezuela!!

All this ‘chest pounding’ and hubris display of “Democrats are Defeatist” rhetoric from the Right wing just goes to show you how Foolish and ‘sick’ these people really are!

Nothin‘ but WAR MONGERERS and Death Eaters!!

And it was this Foolish thinking by the Right and neocon-neonazis that has America in the leaking boat we’re in presently.



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