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“Beginning In The ‘Fifth Age’ “

Posted by scorpiomkm on May 12, 2007


Beginning In The ‘Fifth Age’ of Middle Earth

I wish I could claim authorship of the above pix, but I can’t. When I first saw it today I just happened to be rereading my favorite Fantasy Tale: “The Lord of the Rings” …. for the 5th time.

I write a LOT about the Story on a ‘Lord of the Rings’ Message Board ~ so when I saw it ~ the picture ~  Memories came flooding in about that TIME of Frodo & Company and the “Fifth Age” in which I live.

During the “Third Age” of Middle Earth, the Dark Lord Sauron Ruled with TERROR. All ‘Freedom Loving’ Peoples were in great peril. Frodo was the ‘Ring Bearer’ whose Quest it was to journey to Mt. Doom in Mordor to ‘unmake’ the ‘One Ring’. Quitea remarkable Tale, but the Conditions of the “Third Age” is very similar to what I see TODAY …. only that often I feel as if I’m living in Mordor rather than the Shire or Rivendell, or Gondor.

I read a story yesterday how the Infant Mortality in Iraq has skyrocked due to the total lack of adequate and SAFE drinking water. Water that is fouled due to pollutants spilling into the Euphrates River from bacteria from floating corpses. Yet here we are, Bush Proclaiming that what we’re THERE for is to promote Democracy etc. when Iraqi Children are dying DAILY because WE (Bush) has so degradated and ruined Iraq’s Intrastructure …. that because of Bush, Iraq is NOW a living Nightmare.

“WE”, the United States, visited upon Iraq this HORROR! It was George W. Bush, Sauron, that sought to impose his ‘will’ over the People of Iraq just as Sauron sought to do the same to the Peoples of Middle Earth during the ‘Fifth Age’. So just how long will we, the American People, simply shake our heads or talk like idiots about how we can’t Leave ….. because to the World our Nation looks like Mordor and our President is doing his BEST imitation of Lord Sauron!

But in the End of the Third Age, the Rainbow came out again and shone upon Middle Earth a Brighter Day. Hope was again rekindled amonst the Peoples of the earth, and as Bilbo stated at the end of his Book “There and Back Again”:

“And they lived happily ever after.”

I wonder how long we’ll have to wait until those words are uttered again in this, the “Fifth Age” of Middle Earth? 


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