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Posted by scorpiomkm on May 13, 2007

Mother’s Day“, out of all the holidays celebrated, to me is the most needed and respected. After all, Mothers are the Creators of Human Life; Mothers are those that first set our feet on the Path of Knowledge; and Mothers often stand behind us when all others have turned their backs. So it is out of deep Respect and Honor do I wish Mothers “Happy Mother’s Day” this day!!

A Mother can often mold the Development of a child. For without the unconditional LOVE of a MoM ….. many a child would have grown constantly looking for the LOVE that only a Mother can provide. I was one of the Blessed to have had a LOVING & SUPPORTIVE Mother ~ as well as having a LOVING & SUPPORTIVE Mother for my two children. And although Death took from me BOTH Mothers ….. still their Legacy exists as towering giants that through sacrifice, dogged determination, and LOVE insured that their Children would be well grounded to live fruitful and productive lives.

As a child, my own Mother often stood between me and the Ultimate Executioner (my Father) whenever I strayed too far from what was expected of me. Sure, I often did my best to play upon her maternal instincts to ‘protect’; but rarely did she raise a hand in anger at me ~ although she was awfully good with a switch <g> ~ because I ALWAYS KNEW that no matter what I had done (or would do), MoM would ALWAYS ‘be there’ to dry an eye or sooth a hurt.


I gave the Eulogy at my Mother’s Funeral. And I recall saying to all the children in attendance this:

“One thing I’m very Proud of today; and that being I KNOWINGLY never and unduly caused my Mother grief or pain. That I tried, to the BEST of my ability to NEVER cause shame to visit my family. Because at times like these ….. I don’t know what I’d do had I KNOWINGLY caused grief to come to my Mother. So kids, do your very best to Honor and Respect what your Mother has done (and will continue to do) for you.”

I’ll remember what I told those kids till the day of my own death.

We all have only ‘ONE MOTHER’. So if you’re Blessed to still have ol‘ MoM with you on THIS DAY:

                 Thank God that it is so.


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