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“C’mon, Brotha!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on May 20, 2007

Obama and Brownback team up on Iran bill

from Alexander Mooney


Sen. Brownback is teaming up with potential presidential rival Sen. Barack Obama to back legislation dealing with Iran.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — They are vying for the presidency from opposite sides of the political spectrum, but Sens. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, and Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, are teaming up to sponsor legislation that seeks to encourage divestment from companies that support Iran.

“The time has come for the federal government to assist citizens, institutional investors, and state and local governments in divesting from companies that support the Iranian regime,” Brownback said in a statement.  “The Iranian regime is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terror, proudly flaunts an illegal nuclear program, and continues to violate the basic human rights of the Iranian people.”

Under the bill, the federal government will publish twice a year a list of companies that invest $20 million or more in Iran’s oil and gas industries, and authorize state and local governments to divest from the companies.


Oh, Oh!  Obama’s 1st Big Political Blunder!

What was Obama smokin‘ to side with that Republican yahoo, Brownback,  to FORCE companies to divest from Iran?

Iran: a country that in its Long, Long, Super Long HISTORY ….. has NEVER INVADED another nation; neither has Iran posed a legitimate THREAT to the U.S. or our Allies. Yet here’s Obama, apparently doing whatever is necessary to garner VOTES from a block of folk (Conservative Whites and Ignorant Blacks) that aren’t going to ever VOTE for him NO MATTER WHAT!!

Can somebody tell me why Iran is perceived as a bogeyman …. when the U.S. has Armed and Motivated troops on its border??

Can somebody tell me why Iran is perceived as more of a THREAT than China or Russia …. just because they feel the NEED to Arm themselves against the George Bush ‘war mongerers‘ of the world?

Tell me!!

Obama constantly sings about how he was “Against the Iraq War” from the Beginning; yet he acts like he has amnesia as to all the stupid and idiotic ‘Causes’ and ‘Reasons’ that Bush gave that led up to our going into Iraq in the first place!!

Silly stuff like Iraq breaking “No Fly Zone” restrictions, Barack!!

C’mon, Brotha! I thought you were smarter than this, okay!

I don’t need another Rice or Powell Embarrassing me again!!


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