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Posted by scorpiomkm on May 25, 2007

Congress Approves Iraq Funding Bill

New Measure Lacks Troop Withdrawal Timeline


WASHINGTON (May 25) – Bowing to President Bush , the Democratic-controlled Congress  grudgingly approved fresh billions for the Iraq  war Thursday night, minus the troop withdrawal timeline that drew his earlier veto. 

Reflecting unhappiness among conservatives in his own party, President Bush said he would have preferred less domestic spending than the bill contained.

“The Iraqi government needs to show real progress in return for America’s continued support and sacrifice,” said the commander in chief, and he warned that August could prove to be a bloody month for U.S. troops in Baghdad s murderous neighborhoods.

The Senate ‘s 80-14 vote to send the legislation to the president came less than two hours after the House gave its approval on a margin of 280-142. In both cases, Republicans supplied the bulk of the support, an oddity in an era of Democratic control.

Democrats in both houses coupled their concession with pledges to challenge Bush’s his policies anew – and force Republicans to choose over and over between the president and public sentiment on the unpopular war. “This debate will go on,” vowed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi .

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  of Nevada was even more emphatic. “Senate Democrats will not stop our efforts to change the course of this war until either enough Republicans join with us to reject President Bush’s failed policy or we get a new president,” he said. 

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But Senate Republican  leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky cautioned against more of the same. “I want to make it clear ... that if all funding bills are going to be this partisan and contentious, it will be a very long year,” he said.

From the White House to the Capit<SPANCLASS=CORRECTION id=””>ol, the day’s events closed out one chapter in an epic struggle pitting Congress against the president over a war that has claimed the lives of more than 3,400 U.S. troops.

Democratic presidential politics played a role, as Sen. Barack Obama  of Illinois, then Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, cast votes against the legislation, which was strongly opposed by anti-war activists.

In the House, Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio choked back tears as he stirred memories of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. “After 3,000 of our fellow citizens died at the hands of these terrorists, when are we going to take them on? When are we going to defeat them,” he asked.

The legislation includes nearly $95 billion to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan  through Sept. 30. In addition to jettisoning their plan for a troop withdrawal timeline, Democrats abandoned attempts to require the Pentagon to adhere to troop training, readiness and rest requirements unless Bush waived them.



Either we’re SERIOUS about getting out of Iraq, or we’re not! And I believe the Dems have LOST a huge opportunity to effect CHANGE by writing Bush another check!



I don’t get it:



Bush has been PROVEN WRONG from A to Z about Iraq, yet he clings to his Failed Policy as if his Legacy depended on it (which it does).



His ‘Approval Ratings‘ have long been in the toilet, and soon we’ll be the ONLY nation on earth dumb enough to be in that Hell Hole ….. yet Bush STILL prevails over the Democrats!!!



I don’t get it!!



So what if Bush vetoes each-and-every Spending Bill sent him by the Democratic Congress; the Dems can then STILL go back to the American People and say: “We TRIED to change the course of the war, but it was the President that refused to follow YOUR wishes!”



But “No”, the Demsare STILL scared to death of being Accused of ‘letting our Troops down’ (??) rather than Fighting for what THEY believe is ‘right’ for themselves and the American People!!



Already THIS MONTH more then 80 Troops have been KILLED!!




And how do ya like this ~ no sooner had Bush received his ‘Blank Check’ from Congress did he do what:



Moan the FACT that this summer would perhaps (??) be the bloodiest on record in Iraq! (America’s newest State)



A Blood Bath THIS SUMMER. And the next; and the next; and the next; and into adfinitum!!



Oh, well. At least Hillary and Barack had the Intelligence and Common Sense to VOTE AGAINST this chickenshxx Blank Check that Congress continues to send Bush, Halliburton, Cheney, and theIraqis Puppets that by now have phat bank accounts in Switzerland!!



Lawd, have Mercy on us.






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  1. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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