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“They Found Scotty!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on May 26, 2007

   The Felicity Daily Herald
   “All the news that’s fit to print; and a whole lot more”


Space ashes recovered in N.M. mountains

WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M. – A rocket payload that flew briefly into space with ashes of astronaut Gordon Cooper and “Star Trek” actor James Doohan was recovered Friday in the New Mexico mountains.

The payload was found in its designated recovery zone 20 days after Farmington, Conn.-based UP Aerospace sent it up in a 20-foot rocket on April 28.

The rocket, the first to be successfully launched into space from the fledgling Spaceport America in southern New Mexico, made a 4-minute suborbital flight before drifting back to Earth.

On board were partial ashes from Cooper, Doohan — who played Scotty on “Star Trek” — and 200 others, including John Meredith Lucas, a writer for the original “Star Trek” series.

The payload landed in rocky, steep terrain in the San Andres Mountains on White Sands Missile Range, east of the spaceport, and was found by a UP Aerospace crew with help from White Sands.

UP Aerospace co-founder Eric Knight said the payload “landed where we wanted it to be. It was just in difficult terrain.”

“And some days, the weather was not cooperative,” he said.

Wende Doohan, James Doohan‘s widow, said he “was in great company with Gordon and Meredith Lucas.”

“He probably wished he could have stayed” in space, Doohan said in a telephone interview from her home in Renton, Wash.

“When Senator John Glenn went up in space (aboard the shuttle Discovery in 1998), he said, ‘They’re starting to use seniors now,’ and he wanted to put his name on the list,” Doohan said.

The remains of the 202 people were in sealed metal capsules designed to withstand the rigors of space flight.

The cylinders will be mounted on plaques mentioning the space flight and given to the families who provided the ashes.


This Story fascinated me ONLY that because when I read it I thought to myself:

Damn! A person CAN find damn near ANYTHING now a days!

I mean, have YOU ever misplaced your car keys?

How about a wallet …. a favorite ink pen …. a book … YOUR OWN MIND!   : ) 

                                  I have!  : )

             And the older I get: the more I lose!!   : )

Yet apparently I’m in the Minority (figuratively speaking <g>), because they found ol‘ Scotty’s ASHES in a remote and rocky hillside somewhere East of Nowhere!

And I thought one had to be a CSI detective to FIND stuff, huh!

                          Apparently not!

This wasn’t NASA looking for Scotty, baby: but some garage, rocket builders that smack of a ‘B Movie’ at its most awful self!!

If they can Find the Ashes of ol‘ Scotty on a rocky cliff in a desert …. then why can’t Bush find Osama bin Laden, hum?

Hell! Bush finds me every April 15th!!   : )

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