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“Khazad-Dum Revisited”

Posted by scorpiomkm on May 28, 2007

Beginning In The ‘Fifth Age’ of Middle Earth

Thrimidge 27, 5007

During the ‘Third Age’ of Middle Earth, the Dark Lord Sauron held Middle Earth in the grip of Fear and Uncertainty. Then, I guess it could be said that Orcs, Trolls, and other dark creatures of the earth was that ‘Ages’ Terrorists and Fanatics.

During the ‘Third Age’, Middle Earth was on a War footing. And it was the role of ‘All Freedom Loving Peoples’ to eradicate this ‘Grip of Death’ and thralldom from the Dark Lord.

Today, as back during the ‘Third Age’, the world is caught in the grip of Violence, Fear, Terror, and threats to our very way of Life. Reading today’s Headlines tell a tale of wanton Killing and wanton Distress. So, what is the Balm that we in the Twenty-first Century can use to SURVIVE this cycle of Mass Suicide (as a Species), and instead make Our Age one of Peace and Human Progress.

In order to answer this question, I constantly look back to the ‘Third Age’; and in doing so I note that certain ‘Helpers’ were made present, like Gandalf, to assist Freedom Loving Peoples during their TIME of greatest need. But first, the People THEMSELVES had to recognize this NEED ~ and do what was necessary to defeat the THREAT of coming War and strife.

Well, without getting religious, I strongly Believe that our ‘Age’ ~ the ‘Fifth Age’ ~ also has been sent ‘Helpers‘ to assist Mankind against the Forces of Evil. Our problem is …. the World often finds it difficult in determining just ‘WHO’ the real contemporary Sauron is!!


bin Laden?

North Korea …

Iran ….

the United States: we’re just not so clear on this, are we. After all, recent Polls throughout the World indicate that Bush and the U.S. holds the greatest THREAT to the Safety and Peace of the World ~ so don’t be so quick to criticize me for including our President as one the World holds in disdain, okay.

This Premise I feel is important to the SURVIVAL of Humanity ~ ‘All ‘of Humanity ~ because until the World can COLLECTIVELY determine just WHOM is our Sauron …. then the Forces of Peace & Progress will forever be weakened and splintered; and as such, the Balance is tipped in the Enemy’s favor (as it is today).

From a “Fifth Age” perspective, EVERY TIME you have Muslim v. Jew; Black v. White; Rich v. Poor; ‘Them’ v. ‘Us’ etc. we weaken the spiritual tools NECESSARY to Defeat the Enemy. And just WHO (or WHAT) is the Enemy:

Today’s Sauron has taken on the guise of Greed, unbridled Hubris, Nationalism, blind allegiance to Political Ideology; and a LOVE of Death. Make no mistake about that!!

See. This is why for Decades ~ Centuries ~ the World, by allowing the above to fester and Grow, is NOW faced with the culmination of so much Neglect toward those Issues of Prime Importance to Humankind …. that it has NOW given today’s Sauron food to Grow his massive Army.

Take our current Issue on how best to handle Terrorism.

I’ve stated since September 11, 2001 ~ that you can only wage War and Defeat Terrorism by Understanding ‘Terrorism’s Context’. What is it about “US” that would make 19 Individuals want to fly planes into buildings? And if you simply address that question with: “It was their Religion that HATES us!” …. well, I strongly suggest YOU  get used to working in buildings no taller than 2 stories high, okay. 

To Understand and Grasp the CONTEXT of ANYTHING requires a Commitment and Focus at the task at hand. Such Questions as to : ‘what things have we done here and abroad to foster such hatred’; ‘what role does poverty and a lack of opportunity play in developing these perceptions around the globe’ and amongst so many People; and ‘is Terrorism a paramilitary strategy to disrupt Law & Order, or merely an outpouring of YEARS of frustration against politics and/or governments’ from which People ‘feel’ alienated and/or disenfranchised.

We NEED to Understand these Roots!! Because there exists in each-and – every country on the face of the earth Unaddressed Ills and frustrations just waiting to explode. Explosions that could so rock and shock Civilization, that our current horrific Days will seem mild compared to that of the ‘Third Ages’ worst!!

I would compare where we are today to that of Frodo & Company’s journey under the mountains at KhazadDum. WE’re searching and feeling our way around in the Dark; with Shadows and promises of even more terror ahead. But the ‘Gandalfs’ of the world are in our midst. All it takes is a Committed ‘Will’ to listen to them and drop our childish and Foolish ways.

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