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“The REAL (?) World”

Posted by scorpiomkm on June 20, 2007

The Felicity Daily Herald


Whenever Events in the World become too overpowering for my fragile Mind to cope <g>, I shelter back into the “World of Fantasy” literature. This course is one I took during the period right after ‘911’, and then right after the tragic Decision by YOUR PRESIDENT <g> to preemptively INVADE poor little Iraq.

Periods in TIME, I might add, that TODAY seem like a picnic compared to what is going on in the Mideast (what with the carnage in Iraq; the conflict in the Palestinian Regions; Lebanon Conflict; Turkey poised to invade the Kurds etc.)

I’ve just completed my reading of the massive Fantasy trilogy by Phil Pullman entitled “His Dark Materials“. And just as Tolkien’sThe Lord of the Rings” settled my Mind during the Periods previously mentioned … so, too, has Pullman’s powerful Fantasy Tale served as a balm to sooth my restless Soul.

But that’s what Great Fantasy does, yes?

Great Fantasy helps explain Human Nature and Motivation far greater than any Media can ever attempt to accomplish. For within Fantasy, one can look beyond (and deeper) into the great Issues facing all of Mankind sans hidden Agendas, Political Ideologies, and the almighty Dollar that basically is the straw that stirs the Drink of Twenty-first Century Civilization and Culture.

During the past month, I’ve been focused not on Bush … but instead on a brave little girl named Lyra. I’ve been concerned and consumed about Witches, armored bears, daemons, alethiometers, Oblation Boards, Gobblers, subtle knives, Intention Crafts, Angels, a Regent of God, and God himself. And WORLDS only a very Gifted Writer could conceive.

These things made more sense to me …. than ANYTHING I’ve read in the Media! And not only that: Fantasy can be more TRUSTWORTHY as well.

As long as Mankind continues to entertain his ‘Lower Self’ desires for Greed, Power, Hubris, War, Racism, and Envy ~ there will ALWAYS be a need for Fantasy Tales. For within this genre lies the TRUE nature of our very Being and Existence.


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