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Aging The ‘Right’ Way

Posted by scorpiomkm on July 9, 2007

“I’ve always been FASCINATED by the Aging Process!”

Even as a child, watching people Grow Old held a deep fascination to me. In fact, as a child I LOVED movies where the AGING PROCESS was displayed in all its glory; as if Growing Old was a noble and honored thing to do. And as I, myself, reach those lofty and golden YEARS of LIFE …. I’m finding the Aging Process as exciting as ever!

You see. I KNOW God knew what he (she) was doing by limiting our TIME here. Otherwise, we’d WASTE lawd knows how many countless YEARS & DECADES wishing for this or that, or moaning about something or other. But as we get Older and aware of our mortality in greater detail ~ then we’re forced to realize like never before that LIFE is truly short and therefore we must make each-and-every day COUNT for something because ….. who knows.

Take for example: something I find myself NOW getting a HUGE kick out of is observing small children interact with their parents! Its wonderful watching little girls and boys charm, scheme, conjole, and trick the living daylights out of their parents! And what could be sweeter than listening to the sweet, gentle, and charming words of a little girl to her MoM or Dad or little brother.

Sheer delicious and straight from Heaven!!

Somehow when I was younger and a Dad myself ….. these Little Magical Things about children I completely overlooked; but NOW not a day goes by when I’m not completely mesmerized by CHILDREN struggling to make sense of their World and those in it.

And something else: I’ve noticed that since I’ve grown Older …. the ‘ways of the world’ are not as important to me as when I was much younger. Oh, I still ‘keep up with what’s going on in the world, but how ‘this‘ or ‘that‘ will play out 50 years from now is of little concern to me NOW. Not when I KNOW that very little beats the sight of the first rays of sunrise emerging from behind a glorious  mountaintop; nor rarely can I find something as lovely as a tree …. or hear the chorus of the falling rain in the middle of the night ~ with a roll of thunder and clap of lightning serving as the Symphony’s  percussion.

And what can the World offer me NOW more magnificent as the sight of a glasssurfaced pond on a warm summer’s afternoon; with tall grass, beech trees, and bulrushes blowing regally in the wind.

J.R.R. Tolkien in his book “The Silmarillion” informs us that Elves learned that Death is a Gift to Mankind from God; for without it (death), Mankind would be made to suffer Endless disappontments, pain, and suffering ~ things that Elves HAD to endure for an Eternity. 

 And so I’ve taken that approach of Tolkien’s (as well as what theological understandings and TEACHINGS I have garnered through the YEARS) as a Guide to live out the rest of my TIME as best I can. For if this thing is done right …. then “One Lifetime” is more than enough!!


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