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“The Iraq Problem”

Posted by scorpiomkm on July 11, 2007

Much has been made about the Iraqi Government’s failure to FIX their own country. Politicians, Media and the overwhelming American Perspective accepts this viewpoint ~ although, its my opinion that NOW we’re just seeking an EXCUSE to Leave a situation we should NEVER have embarked upon in the first place.

But we’re there now, and because of Bush’s huge mistake …. I believe we can’t just Leave because then al Qaeda would have a safe haven to train and export their terror throughout the world, particularly in the absence of a stable Iraqi Government.

So we’re stuck! Stuck as a bug in the rug. But let’s go back to this “It’s the Iraqis fault we can’t leave!” theme; because I find it extremely disingenuous and dangerous for us to keep touting this flawed explanation any further.

First of all, look at New Orleans: that community is STILL recovering from Katrina and we don’t have Foreign Troops trampling around the Region. Neither are there religious factions trying to kill each other or by brute force attempt to win Power!

New Orleans, yes has red tape to fight ~ but that’s not as odorous as having to deal with “al Qaeda in Iraq”! Yet somehow we EXPECT a weak and hand-picked American Friendly ‘Iraqi Regime’ (and that’s all it is) to clean up a MESS that is the product of Foreign Invasion. Iraqis to this day are plagued by ineffectual intra-structures, poor to nonexistent Health Facilities, poor quality drinking water, and their Business Community has been ruined. Yet again, we expect the Iraqis to ‘turn the page’ and act as if “Shock & Awe” never happened.

I don’t have an Answer as to how best proceed in Iraq; but I do KNOW that to blame Iraqis for their country’s sorry state of affairs, or want to blame them for not fixing what we broke ~ is insane and a road map that gets us NOWHERE!

Damn it! We fixed Japan and Germany after World War II, so why do we find it so impossible to FIX this? The Answer is simple:

Bush has this fixation on al Qaeda rather than the overall welfare of the Iraqi People. Fix the systems that will make the average Iraqi’s LIFE bearable, Bush ~ then the People, themselves, will take care of “al Qaeda in Iraq”!

Kinda hard to get behind a government …. when you have an empty stomach.

Kinda hard to study the U.S. Constitution, say, when you have to spend each waking hour dodging bullets from the Sunnis, Shiia or U.S. Troops.

Kinda difficult to feel positive about your government …. when it’s al Qaeda feeding your family because your business or job has been ruined YEARS ago!

Again. Just how many folks from New Orleans STILL aren’t back Home? (or will ever see New Orleans again)

An “Iraq Solution” really isn’t as impossible as we make it out to be, is it.


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