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“FDH ‘Film Review'”

Posted by scorpiomkm on July 14, 2007

The Felicity Daily Herald

                           Film Review

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

First of all, allow me to say that yesterday at the movie my FAVORITE MOMENT was when the theatre showed the ‘Coming Attractions’ of the Film “The Golden Compass“.

That’s right, baby! Book #1 of Phillip Pullman’s trilogy entitled “His Dark Materials” will be Released this December.

Anyway.   : )

I’m a HUGE Fan of the entire ‘Harry Potter’ genre (Books & Film). But when I left the theatre after viewing the latest ‘Potter’ film (“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix“), I was saddened in that THEATRICALLY ….. to me the MAGIC is gone.    : (

Hell! That kid that plays the Role of Ron should have been dropped Long Ago!   : )

Obviously he’s bored ~ and I’m bored with him!   : )

Now don’t get me wrong: the Film was quite good. The cinematography was excellent; the Special Effects were magnificent; and generally the Film outlined the BOOK quite well …. but there is the rub ~ the Film was just an OUTLINE of the BOOK!

But the sin of the movie goes deeper than that to me. To me, the ‘Potter Films’ of late have grown to show the characters as mere caricatures of their ‘former selves’! Snape, Dumbledor, Ron, and damn near everyone, save Harry, are shadows of their former selves. And after all, isn’t Fantasy all about the growth and development of CHARACTERS?

In this Film, Hogwarts et. al. are reduced to mere Background settings on which the protagonist (Harry) and antagonist (Lord Voldemort) prepare for mortal battle. Which is OK to wet the audience appetite for Ms. Rowlings ‘Final Book’ to be Released soon; but being that I’m a suspicious creature <g>, perhaps that’s what the TEAM POTTER enterprises had in mind all along with this movie, ya think!   : )

Hey! There IS supposed to be a movie made of BOOK  6, “The Half Blood Prince“, isn’t there? So Lawd only knows how that next Film will be marginalized and void of Characterization even more ~ since by that time the world would have already known how the Tale ends, huh!

Again. You won’t feel cheated with this latest Film. But like I previously stated: it’s only an OUTLINE of the BOOK. A skeleton absent significant meat and sinew.

But go see it! You’ll still have Fun!

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