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“The THIRD Recent Lynching”

Posted by scorpiomkm on July 19, 2007

Inside the Culture of Dogfighting

From Blood Money to Bragging Rights, Dogfighting Is More Popular Than You Might Think

Dog Fighting

(AP Photo)

A makeshift ring is surrounded by dozens or even hundreds of screaming “fans” waving betting cash. Inside, two severely abused dogs tear each other literally limb from limb in a life-or-death battle that experts say is becoming disturbingly common in the United States.

Atlanta Falcon star quarterback Michael Vick’s indictment for allegedly operating a dogfighting ring has shone a spotlight on one of the cruelest criminal “sports” in the United States. 

Some have made a career out of dogfighting, which can be a lucrative pastime, with millions of dollars changing hands among the estimated 20,000 to 40,000 dogfight spectators and participants in the United States.

Others seem to be seeking an outlet for their own violent or antisocial behavior — or they look to the dogs as status symbols or reflections of their own perceived toughness, experts say.

While dogfighting is a federal crime, many experts say that state laws, which are usually used to prosecute cases, are just not strict enough to shut the industry down.

Anti-animal cruelty advocates say that while the ongoing Vick investigation has called needed attention to a widespread problem, a number of factors contribute to the growing popularity of dogfighting — including laws that vary in severity from state to state, the difficulty of investigating the crime, what some say is the media’s under-reporting of this criminal activity, and an overall lack of education about the issue.

A Dog Beats Dog WorldP.J. Smith of the Atlanta Humane Society characterizes dogfighting as two canines, usually pitbulls, attacking each other inside a ring, with the outcome wagered on by spectators.

Anti-cruelty experts say the fights can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 hours, depending on how long it takes for one dog to die or become simply too weak to continue. At the lowest level, experts said $50,000-$60,000 is at stake, while a more sophisticated game has payoffs close to $1 million.

The rearing process for fighting dogs seems about as ugly as the event itself.

The breeders, who have usually stolen the animals or adopted them from shelters, train the puppies to be aggressive and violent toward other dogs. They are kept chained and locked in crowded cages, far away enough not to kill each other, but close enough to put them in a constant state of agitation, said Smith.

Sometimes they use dolls to aggravate the dogs, or steal other people’s dogs from their own backyards to use as “bait” in the training, she said. The conditioning also includes steroid injections, and hours running on a treadmill or tied to the bumper of a moving car.


Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Black Male.

 Maybe it’s because I view Athletes only for what they do ‘Between The Lines’ and could care less about their lives ‘Outside The Lines’.

I say all this because after now having ENDURED damn near 2 YEARS of “Barry Bonds” HATING ~ as if he were the 20th hijacker on 911 ~ and now this ‘Michael Vicktar & feathering …… I’ve come to the conclusion that deep, DEEP, in the hearts, guts, and brains of mostly ‘White Males’, there STILL exists this animosity and primal (damn near Neanderthal) racial HATRED toward High Priced Athletes of Color! And I say this because you’ll never see White Male Athletes dragged through the mud and PUBLICLY Lynched and made RUINED to the extent as you see Brothas.


Babe Ruth was a DRUNK; Ty Cobb was a virile and open Racist; Wayne Gretzky ( and wife) was no doubt ‘fast and loose’ with the money; Mark McGwire put needles in his ass with the full knowledge of adoring White Male sportwriters covering his remarkable year; Bret Favre is a ‘Dope Head’ and alcoholic; John Daly OBVIOUSLY abused his wife (yet there he was today participating in the British Open ~ hassle free) and on-and-on-and-on ….. yet these same White Sportswriters that “no big deal” it when it comes to the failings of White Athletes, are the same that stand eager and ready to LYNCH Blacks at the slightest hint of impropriety and Falling From Grace!

You know what: If I were a White Male that carried around with me THIS MUCH ‘HATE’ toward Black Athletes, hell I wouldn’t attend Professional Games nor watch it on TV!

If Black Athletes were truly this BAD and such awful Role Models for your kids, White Males, then simply have your little ‘crumb snatchers’ play only soccer (stay away from competing with Mexican kids though), or tennis (not too many Blakes or William Sisters around), or Golf (not too many Tiger Woods out there either). That way you and your precious innocent children won’t have to COMPETE with Black Males on an Equal Playing Field ~ you know …. just as y’all do in the Business World!

OJ Simpson, Barry Bonds, and now Michael Vick: the White Males worst Nightmares!

Hell, I’ve heard more intense OUTRAGE over the alleged failings of these 3 Brothers than any criticism of George Bush ~ and Bush is responsible for killing THOUSANDS!

This latest Brotha that White America wants to LYNCH (Vick) has been targeted by these White Sportswriters for YEARS now: but it ain’t about ‘Dog Fights’ ~ not really. Its about the color of Vicks’s skin and the fact he dare play the position of QB in the NFL!!

It’s no more about ‘Dog Fighting’ (which BTW has occurred in this country longer than most who read this Blog are themselves ‘years old’), then ‘steroid use’ is the so-called SIN (??) that these sad ‘White Sportswriters’ hang around the neck of Barry Bonds.

And how about these so-called “Baseball Purists” (again WHITE), that bitch and moan how Bonds is ruining the Game and should have an asterisk placed beside his Home Run Records.


A Game that wouldn’t allow a Black Man near the Park until Jackie Robinson came along and ATE all kinds of indignities and humiliations …. not too very long ago! Yet to listen to these Sportswriters and so-called ‘Baseball Purists’ one would think that all that has ever been wrong with Baseball is Barry Bonds fault!

What a frickin‘ JOKE!!

Nothin‘ but EXCUSES to Lynch another ‘uppity nigga‘!

OJ wasfoundNot Guilty” in a Court of Law …..

 The Feds have yet to indict Barry Bonds after 3 YEARS ……

And Micheal Vick’s day in court has yet to take place; yet in the arena of ‘Public Opinion’ (White Public Opinion, I might add), none of the above were ever given the DECENCY & Right of being accorded the so-called cherished Constitutional Pillar of :

Assumed INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty!”

Oh, well. I’ve witnessed TWO Public Lynchings (Simpson and Bonds); so what’s a third, huh!

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS of nothin’ but “Michael Vick” yesterday.

             24 HOURS of nonstop ‘Vick HATING’ today!

                         Oh, to be ‘White’ in America.


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