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“I Write What I Like”

Posted by scorpiomkm on July 23, 2007

I Write What I Like

What is this thing we Fear ‘Peace’ will take away?”

Years ago I read the above verse in a book I had been reading and musing over. At the time, my Mind was overly focused on ‘things’ I had wished I could no longer dwell on. Anyway, I mention this because I find myself today overly Concerned about ‘things’ and Issues that in the long haul bears little to my Personal Life.

Take for example this Michael Vick or Barry Bonds ‘stuff’ I commented on recently. Sure, it upsets me when I hear SO MANY people tear down these two individuals ~ but really, if people choose to get riled up ~ and in Bond’s Case ruin the thrill of experiencing something they may NEVER experience again in LIFE (Home Run Record) ~ that’s not ‘my burden’, but theirs!

And I can draw similar examples from a plethora of Issues facing our World, Country and Community. In other words:

I must CONSTANTLY be aware that EXTERNAL THINGS have a tendency to rob one’s Soul of the “Peace” needed to truly Enjoy Life!! And not only that:

we must ‘All’ teach our Soul to ‘stand on its own two feet’, and not useEXTERNALS as an EXCUSE to delay the Work each of us KNOWS needs be attended to. For only then can that Glorious Peace be archived in our Lives.

First comes WORK. Then only after that …. does Faith come about!”

See. Most People operate under the assumption that mere ‘Lip Service’ automatically conveys ‘Faith’ WITHOUT them doing the necessary WORK demanded by one’s Soul! That’s why it’s easy to show up for Church, yet soon after fall into the Bad Habits that have for YEARS retarded and stunted one’s ‘Spiritual Growth’!

Why, too, most people leave their Religion at the Church steps:

Spiritual Work has not been attended to!

And what that WORK is, only each Individual KNOWS the dictate of one’s heart. For some, it may be only performing more in the way of Charity; for others, it may be to Serve more to others; while to many … the WORK may consist of being Kinder, more Loving, or more Disciplined. But the end results are always the same:

when we pull that Ugly Weed (Hubris, Greed, Selfishness, Hatred, Egoism, Racism, Failure to acknowledge our Spiritual Selves) from our Heart ~ then your Heart will Bleed!

                       That’s the Law!

But when the Heart Recovers from the severing of Past Deeds and Old Habits, only then will Blessed Peace be achieved!

Oh, well. Just my musings on a Monday afternoon.  : )


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