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“Ya Did GREAT, Tom!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on July 31, 2007



                                         Greatest Hits of Snyder’s ‘Tomorrow’

I was a HUGE FAN of Tom Snyder! Rarely did I miss his Show because Tom had that aire of bombastic egoism, fairness, entertainment, insecurity, humor, and he always had a cigarette in his hand as he gave some of the BEST INTERVIEWS ever!

One night Tom said that …”the only people that stay up to watch this Show are insomniacs, drunks, and wackos!” Well, he was right ~ and I was one of them.

Tom Snyder rarely took himself seriously, although he was the consummate Professional. He had a great Mind that probed his Guests in a gentle, thoughtful, and Kind manner; always hoping to get his Guests to share with his audience a peek into their souls and their Real Selves.

His Laugh made you laugh; his eyebrows spoke as much as his mouth; and he had a sensitivity that was rare then, and even more rarer today.

                                            Tom: Ya did Great!!


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