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“The Path Least Traveled”

Posted by scorpiomkm on September 25, 2007


I’ve ALWAYS wondered why there is so much alleged hatred over the President of Iran’s Remarks about the holocaust … WITHOUT there also being a similar Discussion AND subsequent proving of evidence of America’s own ‘actions’ (or inaction) during ‘Hitler’s Solution’ of same (Jews)? For after all, it was the United States and other Western Powers that ‘turned a deaf ear’ to the plight and misery of European Jews in the late 30s and 40s ~ and more shockingly, as well it was the United States and other Western Nations that carved up Palestinian Land for the Jews to inhabit AFTER the War because historically nobody from the West (including the U.S.) wanted Jews to settle en mass in their own countries either!!

And that’s a FACT, as I’ve Understood it to be.

Why …. Jews in America prior-during-and after the War (similar to their treatment in Hitler’s Germany) HAD TO change their Names just to attend schools, or live in certain neighborhoods, or deny they were Jewish, or obtain certain types of employment; so let’s not be so pious and sanctimonious whenever a call to ‘Research The Holocaust’ is raised by ANY human being, okay!

As a ‘Student of History’, this omission and selected amnesia as to the ‘Origins of the Jewish State’ by Americans I’ve always found most interesting, to say the least. Especially since after Israel’s Founding …. the West has been dragged into conflict after conflict between Israel and her neighbors: especially the Palestinians. So I can Understand and Appreciate when a ‘call’ is made by the Iranian Leader for a continued Research and Investigation into the Events surrounding the holocaust; because said holocaust bears heavily into the West’s current ‘Policy Making’ and posture insofar as its relationship with the parties in that region is concerned.

I’ve stated over-and-over again: People need to Understand the CONTEXT of ANYTHING in order to best address the “Root Causes” of MOST things. And as history has proven, it’s a grave error to ‘white wash’ or DENY the Root Causes of ANYTHING and still reasonably expect a successful outcome.

Easy to shout claims, “He wants to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth!” or “He denies the holocaust existed!”

Harder yet to seek how the holocaust had LONG TERM implications which tied the West’s Policies towards Israel AT THE EXPENSE of other Semitic people in the region ~ particularly the Palestinians!!

It seems quite simple to me that unless people and their governments at least ‘act’ like their functioning in the Twenty-first Century as Honest Brokers seeking Peace rather than cave men operating in the ‘Dark Ages of Ignorance’, the world will continue to be a place of fear, hostility, mistrust and gross IGNORANCE instead of Enlightenment.

The book (History) has not been closed on Slavery (American Style), nor on the Native American injustice perpetrated on them by YOUR Founding Fathers, nor what happened here to the American Japanese during World War II. In fact, I just read TODAY in the local newspaper of an African American man JUST NOW receiving his Purple Heart and Prisoner of War Medals :

           56 YEARS after the fact!!

I hear ALL THE TIME about blacks playing the “Race Card”, but NEVER have I heard of Jews playing the “Holocaust Card”.


I don’t use those ‘card’ terms, because TO ME the terms denigrate and are made to make illegitimate the Arguments being advanced. Instead, I look to the CONTEXT of a thing for a better Understanding of an Issue. So if a Human Being says that further Research into an Issue (even the holocaust) is legit and open for discussion ~ why is THAT a THREAT to my better understanding of a People or Nation. Unless, that is, I view such notions as a THREAT to my preconceived ideas. Ideas that may be completely ‘off mark’.

My Faith in God teaches that TRUTH will ALWAYS prevail over falsehoods. That TRUTH, although at times may be stymied or delayed, eventually in the end triumphs.

This tenet which was first instilled in me by my mother has ALWAYS proven TRUE; thus TODAY I can look at the world in which I live with ‘quiet eyes’ KNOWING that the seeking of TRUTH is NEVER a fruitless pursuit nor ever a wrong thing to do.

But one can’t necessarily look to one’s government for Truth; nor to the Mass Media or the opinions of one’s neighbors or friends ~ for the seeking of TRUTH is often a lonely endeavor.

But happy is the soul that has made the decision to take the path least traveled.

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