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“MORE Research?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 26, 2007

Felicity Daily Herald

Worm Study Points to Sexuality’s Origins

Thu Oct 25

THURSDAY, Oct. 25 (HealthDay News) — Sexual attraction is hard-wired into the brains of small worms called nematodes, say scientists who genetically manipulated some of the creatures to make them attracted to the same sex.

The finding might give some insight into sexual attraction generally, the researchers said.

“Our conclusions are narrow in that they are about worms and how attraction behaviors are derived from the same brain circuit. But an evolutionary biologist will consider this to be a potentially common mechanism for sexual attraction,” biology professor Erik Jorgensen, scientific director of the Brain Institute at the University of Utah, said in a prepared statement.

“The conclusion is that sexual attraction is wired into brain circuits common to both sexes of worms and is not caused solely by extra nerve cells added to the male or female brain,” he said. “The reason males and females behave differently is that the same nerve cells have been rewired to alter sexual preference.”

Nematodes, which live in the soil and eat bacteria, have the same genes as many other animals and are often used as models for human research.

It’s difficult to say what these findings in nematodes mean in terms of human sexual orientation, but “it raises the possibility that sexual preference is wired in the brain,” Jorgensen said. “Humans are subject to evolutionary forces just like worms. It seems possible that if sexual orientation is genetically wired in worms, it would be in people, too. Humans have free will, so the picture is more complicated in people.”

The study was published online Thursday in the journal Current Biology and was expected to be published in the Nov. 6 print issue.


And Researchers get PAID to come up with this stuff!

AMAZING: worms are ‘turned on sexually’ by some circuit in their brain!

                                      : )

Well. Let’s explore some alternatives, shall we Researchers:

* Maybe worms get ‘turned on SEXUALLY’ when they just can’t resist another worm’s curves crawling beside it?

*  Maybe ‘worm slime’ is a ‘turn on’ that drives another worm crazy!

*   Maybe …. a worm’s body temperature does the trick, ya think?

            I could come up with 30 more explanations …..

But never ~ NEVER ~ in my wildest wonderings did I ever assume that a  worm’s brain circuitry ever came into play.

                                      You?   : )

And we don’t even get PAID in assuming such!   : )

Hell! I’m still trying to figure out Human Female motivations <g>; now after reading the Current RESEARCH in the Field … maybe I can assume there’s really something THERE inside a Woman’s Head ~ a CIRCUIT ~ that serves as the actual ‘Decision Maker’!   : )

And to think: all these YEARS I thought women got their wild ideas from “Vogue” or “Cosmo” magazines!

                                      : )

I guess from now on whenever I’m in a Club, my first ‘Pick Up Line to a woman will be:

“How’s your Circuits tonight, Babe?”

                                : )


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“Be a Frodo Baggins!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 25, 2007

I Write What I Like

Lord of a thousand worlds am I, and I reign since TIME began;

and night and day in cyclic sway shall pass till their deeds I scan.

Yet TIME shall cease ere I find release:

For I Am the Soul of Man.”

                   ~ a Theosophis mantra

I was riding around tonight. A HUGE Full Moon shone above as I listened to my car CD of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King“.

Tonight was one of those Nights that was calm, clear, and full of Mystery. And as I soaked in the ambiance of the Night, together with Howard Shores’s marvelous Musical Score ~ I couldn’t help not thinking of little Frodo Baggins struggling along the ridges of Mt. Doom to fulfill his one and only Task:

to unmake the “One Ring“.

And then I thought, “This same Moon that I see tonight …. had to have been the SAME MOON that shone on Frodo and Sam as they continued their  painful and exhausting assault on Mordor’s Mt. Doom!”

Same Moon!!

So with a certain Reverence, I looked up at the Huge Moon above my head in Wonder and Awe ~ for it had seen it all.

Saw the Legions of Caesar conquer the World.

Saw the Legions of Alexander the Great and Hannibal.

The SAME Moon I’m observing tonight …. Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, Confucius, and Jacob saw too!!

“Yes” and little Frodo Baggins as well.

This SAME MOON binded me to the Past!!

Which brought me back once again to what Gandalf told Merry:

It’s not a matter of how much TIME we have here on Middle Earth; but what we DO with the TIME we’re given that counts!”

Frodo, who BTW was Middle Age when he embarked upon his incredible Journey, was consumed with ONE TASK:

                  To unmake the ‘One Ring’.

And as he struggled and fought to complete his task along the slopes of Mt. Doom, he cared no longer whether he would survive the experience.

Oh, yes, the memories of ‘Back in the Shire’ and the ‘good times’ he and Bilbo shared dogged each and every painful step along the way ~ still Frodo HAD TO get the ‘Rider HOME’ so to speak.

You and I aren’t so terribly different from Frodo, in that WE ALL just can’t stand still and allow Events to overtake us without our shouldering the burden of THIS Generation’s “One Ring“.

And just as in Frodo’s World, our World too is full of Long Shadows & Doom. And while it would appear more convenient to just set back and allow “others” to work OUR PROBLEMS out ….. still we MUST assume the mentality of little Frodo and be “Ring Bearers” for our Nation.

For unless each-and-every one us realize that our own Shires will one day no longer exist unless we decide to take up this Burden …. then our own Middle Earth will not be fit to live in.

“I’m tired of ferrying my little boat inside the harbor bar;

  I want to go out where the Big Ships float, out on the Deep where the Great Ones are.

  And should my frail craft fail to keep against the winds and waves that bellow forth ….

   then I’d rather go down in the magnificent ‘Fight For Life’,  than merely exist by the sheltered shore.”

*My ‘High Place’ high atop the Oakland Hills

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“I Write What I Like”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 25, 2007

I Write What I Like

I am so struck by the parallels between the Mentality of Germany circa mid 1930s …. with that of America TODAY. And it sends chills down my spine whenever I see the Congress TODAY refuse to apply the brakes to this mean spirited, reckless, and murderous Administration of George Bush!! (better known as Wormtongue)

The List is too long citing the Constitutional and Legal Reasons as to why Bush & Cheney SHOULD be Impeached, yet the American People and the Congress of the United States continue to humor these folks and blindly turn their Collective Heads while Bush & Company inch us ever closer to WAR with Iran.

What’s wrong with America TODAY!!

What has so weakened and frightened us ~ The People ~ that we ‘willingly’ and sheepishly sit back and allow an Administration to ratchet up the War Drums ~ YET AGAIN ~ against a sovereign nation that hasn’t done squat against us!!

You have all heard that the costs of keeping the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq alive over the next 10 years will run into the trillions.


Yet “We The People” allow THIS ADMINISTRATION and its Lap Dog Republican Party to halt Health Care to CHILDREN and other badly needed Programs in the hope of draining the Treasury so that future expenditures towards Social Programs just won’t be there.

Just how callous is THAT!

I have NEVER in my LIFE seen so many struggling people ~ even to the point of LOSING their HOMES ~ cling to the idiotic mirage and Self Centered dream that somehow Big Greedy Business & Big Greedy Political Parties have their Best Interests at heart.


These sad, misguided ‘Sad Sacks’ and Beer Guzzlers  are nothin‘ but pawns!

Yet these same mislead and misguided PEOPLE that froth at the mouth about so-called Illegal Immigrants, or rile against Affirmative Action for Blacks, or fret about so called Terrorism in Iraq and Iran …. are totally tone deaf when it comes to telecom companies WILLINGLY turning over their PHONE RECORDS to the Government; or see these Cowboy Missionary Groups, like “Blackwater”, kill people with impunity in Iraq; or couldn’t tell YOU nor I precisely WHERE in Iraq all the previous BILLIONS have gone and to WHOM!!

Just like Germany circa “The Third Reich”!

Hitler called the TUNE …. and the People Danced!!

And what’s most troubling NOW is the fact Congress under Democratic Leadership (?)  has faired no better halting this MADNESS than the ‘do nothing’ Republican Congress achieved. And I don’t ever want to hear Dems say,”Well. The Bush Administration is nearly at an end. So rather than antagonize the Electorate with ‘Impeachment talk’ …. we’ll just bide our TIME and wait till 08.”


THIS kind of nonsense, mind you, coming from a Party whose Presidential Candidates stated that they could not Promise we’d be out of Iraq during their First Administration!!

More LIVES lost and ruined; more of the Treasure wasted; more American Prestige irretrievably lost; and MORE worshipping of Death and Destruction.

Just like Germany during the Rise of Hitler!!

You can’t tell me ….. that in this country there isn’t the SAME amount of HATE and VITRIOL against Muslims as there existed in Hitler’s Germany towards Jews, now can you!

You can’t tell me …. that in this country there isn’t the SAME amount and degree of National  Hate & War Mongering as there existed in Hitler’s Germany, now can you!

You can’t tell me … that in this country there isn’t the SAME degree of phony Patriotism and government Censorship against those that merely ‘Speak Their Mind’, as there existed in Hitler’s Germany.

Look what happened to Congressman Pete Stark of California when he merely remarked that soldiers were dying for Bush’s amusement!!

Stark was FORCED to Apologize!!

Mordor, baby, is where we are NOW! And like I’ve said before:

“I can’t see any Ring Bearer coming over the near horizon!”

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“Even In Tragedy”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 25, 2007

“Sirius did not hate Kreacher.” said Dumbledore. “He regarded him as a servant unworthy of much interest or notice. Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike ….. The fountain we destroyed tonight told a lie. We wizards have mistreated and abused our fellows for too long, and we are now reaping our reward.”

                    ~ “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

We’ve all be mesmerized and held in awe by the sights of the devastating FIRES in Southern California. The massive loss of property and natural beauty, as well as lives (both human and animal), have captivated the nation.

I can relate to the terrible loss due to fire, as I lost a home in the terrible ‘East Bay Fire’ experienced in Oakland back in 1989. So I fully Understand such things.

I must tell you though …. that as I watch the Events take place in SoCal, I can’t help but see the discrepancy in the way the victims of the Fire are treated and RESPONDED TO as compared to that of the victims of Katrina.

In SoCal the victims are mostly white, affluent, well Educated, and considered as Human Beings; while during Katrina the victims were mostly black, poor, uneducated and NOT viewed as REAL HUMAN BEINGS: but sub-human.

And it is due to the latter (the HUMAN Element) where lies the Root of Racism in America.

Where lies, too, America’s perception and Value (or lack thereof) of the LIVES of Iraqis, Iranians, Vietnamese, Panamanians, Haitians, Japanese, Chinese, Native Americans (so-called ‘Indians’) etc.

Where lies, too, America’s disdain for such International Organizations as the United Nations or World Court. Why:

Because the World is basically nonwhite!!

As I watch the SoCal Fires ~ I don’t see any whites standing atop their homes waiting for a helicopter to arrive. And neither do I see whites in NEED of supplies and basic NECESSITIES at a frickin‘ STADIUM as I did during Katrina.

Somehow ~ MIRACULOUSLY I assume ~ MOST of the poor souls in SoCal had Escape Routes, Evacuation Plans, Insurance Tents ALREADY set up, and a government (Federal & State) READY & ABLE to RESPOND IMMEDIATELY …. while during Katrina … well.

Which AGAIN sends the Message to ‘Black America’:

“Yes, you may be Americans …. but ‘you people’ ~ and we use the term PEOPLE loosely ~ STILL don’t count as much as Real White Americans!”

I guess the above quote where Professor Dumbledore explains to Harry why specifically Sirius Black (Harry’s godfather) treated his ‘House Elf’ Kreacher so shamelessly ~ as well the ‘wizardling world’ in general ~ I find so appropriate because THIS is the crux of Racism in America.

What is cancerous is not Nooses or Individual acts of hatred.

Racism is not some crippling diesease visited upon millions of Americans (not born white) who are DAILY discouraged from living in certain neighborhoods or attending certain schools.

It’s not even the DAILY bashing of Black Athletes or Celebs:

Hell! Racism in America is NOT even some malady rooted and fueled by ‘dislikes’ or hatreds:

 but it is a sickness borne out of gross INDIFFERENCE and NEGLECT! Which, as Dumbledore so accurately notes:

 “We wizards have mistreated and abused our fellows for too long, and we are now reaping our reward.”

 Just an Observation.

Even in tragedy.

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“C’mon, Rowling!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 23, 2007

J.K. Rowling outs Hogwarts character

By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer Sat Oct 20

NEW YORK – Harry Potter fans, the rumors are true: Albus Dumbledore, master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay. J.K. Rowling, author of the mega-selling fantasy series that ended last summer, outed the beloved character Friday night while appearing before a full house at Carnegie Hall.

After reading briefly from the final book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” she took questions from audience members.

She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds “true love.”

Dumbledore is gay,” the author responded to gasps and applause.

She then explained that Dumbledore was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated long ago in a battle between good and bad wizards. “Falling in love can blind us to an extent,” Rowling said of Dumbledore’s feelings, adding that Dumbledore was “horribly, terribly let down.”

Dumbledore’s love, she observed, was his “great tragedy.”

“Oh, my god,” Rowling concluded with a laugh, “the fan fiction.”

Potter readers on fan sites and elsewhere on the Internet have speculated on the sexuality of Dumbledore, noting that he has no close relationship with women and a mysterious, troubled past. And explicit scenes with Dumbledore already have appeared in fan fiction.

Rowling told the audience that while working on the planned sixth Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” she spotted a reference in the script to a girl who once was of interest to Dumbledore. A note was duly passed to director David Yates, revealing the truth about her character.

Rowling, finishing a brief “Open Book Tour” of the United States, her first tour here since 2000, also said that she regarded her Potter books as a “prolonged argument for tolerance” and urged her fans to “question authority.”

Not everyone likes her work, Rowling said, likely referring to Christian groups that have alleged the books promote witchcraft. Her news about Dumbledore, she said, will give them one more reason.


When I saw this the other day I thought: Dumbledore??”

Let’s review this, shall we.   : )

For some reason, my brain has a LOCK when it comes to recalling what happened from one ‘Potter Book’ to the other. So …. after I read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” I re-read “The Half Blood Prince” then “The Order of the Phoenix“. And trust me: during these re-readings AT NO TIME did I ever think (or concern myself) with Dumbledore‘s SEXUAL proclivities!   : )

Gay or Straight …. it didn’t matter to me!

NOW it does!!   : )

Why: because NOW I wonder if Dumbledor‘s sexual tastes didn’t influence his fondness for Harry Potter!   : )

Now I’m not saying that homosexuality necessarily denotes some pedophilia, but Rowling has NOW opened the door for kats like me to wonder a tad about this.

See. This is why authors should NOT EXPLAIN things that aren’t openly revealed in the BOOK! And if the legions of ‘Potter Fans‘ had been speculating about Dumbledore‘s ‘gayishness’ <g>, Rowling SHOULD HAVE just allowed the speculation to be that:


I’m certain Rowling‘s Publishers appreciated her declaring what Dumbledore‘s sexuality to be, huh! Why …. just think of all the Fundamentalist Christians and other loony Intolerable Groups NOW runningout to purchase a ‘Harry Potter’ book for the kids. Especially since these ‘do gooders’ have long been harping against the Series for promoting Witchcraft or other non-Christian Ideas!!

Rowling did a Great Disservice both to the Literature, as well Culturally. Because believe me: a LOT of parents will shield the Series from their little ‘crumb snatchers’ since we NOW KNOW of Dumbledore’s physical LOVE of boys.

I’m disappointed in Rowling.

Hell! For the longest …. I thought Harry displayed more Gay tendencies than the Professor!!   : )


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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 19, 2007

Felicity Daily Herald

Why Males Die Before Females

Charles Q. Choi
Special to LiveScience
Wed Oct 17, 8:10 AM ET

In humans and many other animals, males age faster and die earlier than females.

New research suggests this might happen because of intense competition over sex.

Scientists compared monogamous species with polygynous species, in which each male mates with many females. Males in monogamous species, such as the barnacle goose or the dwarf mongoose, naturally compete less over females than ones in polygynous species, such as the red-winged blackbird or thesavannah baboon.

After investigating about 20 different vertebrate species, researchers Tim Clutton-Brock and Kavita Isvaran at the University of Cambridge in England found the more polygynous a species was, the more likely their males were to age faster and die earlier than females.

The researchers explained that as competition among males for sex grows more intense, each male on average has less time to breed. As such, there is no strong incentive to evolve longevity among males in such species.

Since men age faster and die earlier than women, these findings suggest that “at the time when current human physiology evolved, perhaps around the late Stone Age, polygynous breeding was the norm,” Clutton-Brock told LiveScience. “Of course, this doesn’t provide any justification for polygyny or promiscuity now for males.”


Let’s look at this a moment, shall we!   : )

I have no reason to doubt the Findings (?) of these Researchers; however, which comes First ~ the chicken or the egg? In other words, what Role do Females play in ALLOWING a polygynous arrangement to take root to begin with, hum?

See. I Understand how in a Polygynous Establishment how Males die younger than Females ~ owing the Fighting and Stress associated with both gathering and MAINTAINING a harem of Females; but I have to think that the Female is largely responsible for these arrangements in that Females set the tone for such an arrangement to take place in the first place!!

Take lions: the Female Lioness looks for Males that 1) seem to possess the stronger genes for their cubs; and 2) they (females) look for the strongest and youngest Male Lion for Protection.

She make take many Males as a partner over her lifetime (which primarily we’re talking about ‘cub bearing‘ years), which means the Female NEEDS the Male (any Male) for principally healthy Genes & solid Protection.

That’s it!

Genes & Protection!!

Hell! The Female ‘Black Widow’ spider EATS the frickin‘ Male after ‘mating‘, baby!   : )

It’s the male that pays the price in Longevity and Health for the Arrangement (?) established BY THE FEMALES!!

So whether or not Males get cut short in longevity either in a Polygenous or Monogamous Arrangement (the latter seems to extend the life of males), the point is …. Females set the Rules that ultimately determine a Male’s Lifespan!!

See. Females NEED just 2 things to fulfill their Duty to their specie:

Healthy Male Genes & Protection!

Men (Males) have but 1 Duty: to provide the NEEDED genes to the female’s child …. or cub …. or foul.

THIS I’ve ALWAYS Understood.   : )

All this other stuff like “I LIKE somebody” or “Isn’t he cute” or “She has a great sense of humor all are mere window-dressing to the Basic Drives for want of Healthy Genes & Protection!!

And often, mind you, these Basic Drives are submerged and not accepted as Civilized!! And I’ve NEVER quite Understood why this is so: because we do the ‘Basic Need Dance’ ALL THE TIME!!

Competing with other Men for SEX …. I KNOW that is within my psychological makeup. Just as I KNOW that INSTINCT …. Women want a Man with good genes and is willing (and able) to Protect her and her children!

That’s the Law, baby!   : )

All this other stuff ~ Dinners, being Mr. ‘Nice Guy’ <g>, Cultured etc. goes all for not UNLESS the Female sees in YOU (Male) as a source of providing ‘Healthy Genes’ and Protection!

Hell! A MAN wants SEX regardless the Arrangement <g>! And that’s OK because that’s a Man’s Duty under the Natural Laws!   : )

Again: Nature’s Law!!

But what a Man WANTS bears little to what the Arrangement is ~ an Arrangement that is Established by the Female!! (polygenous or monogamous)

You WOMEN Dictate: all we MEN do is Dance to the tune you Ladies sing, okay!  : )

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“Kapa o Pango!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 19, 2007

Controversial All Blacks haka could get chop

 October 20, 2007
By Derek Cheng



The All Blacks performing Kapa o Pango. Photo / Mark Mitchell.

The All Blacks performing Kapa o Pango. Photo / Mark Mitchell.



The future of the controversial and aggressive All Black haka Kapa o Pango is up in the air.

The haka, which originally included an intimidating “breath of life” throat-slitting gesture, was created for the All Black squad in 2005 to be performed before important games.

The early Rugby World Cup exit has ended the team’s season, and with several players in the squad leaving the team, Kapa o Pango may have been performed for the last time.

All Blacks media manager Scott Compton said the future of the haka would be up to the team “It will be a team decision. The team won’t be assembled again until next season, so it won’t be a question we’ll be able to answer until maybe June next year.”

Kapa o Pango was first performed in 2005 by the Tana Umaga-led All Blacks before a test against South Africa and has been repeated for other important matches.

It was written by the squad with the help of prominent Maori artist Derek Lardelli.

The words and actions represent New Zealand, the silver fern, “warriors in black” and the All Blacks’ cultural diversity.


The gesture was changed to a vigorous chest-rub after an official review.

Haka have been created specifically before. The 1924-25 Invincibles arrived inEurope with a purpose-built haka written by Wiremu Rangi and Native Land Court Judge Frank Archeson. When the tour reached France, the haka caught the eye of Irish writer James Joyce, who modified some of the words and used them in his final novel Finnegans Wake.




I’ve made arrangements to return to New Zealand next year; and I hope upon my return … New Zealand has NOT done away with the spectacular ” Kapa o Pango “!

The article is wrong in saying that the fierce War Chant & Dance was first performed in 2005. Hell! When I was there in 2003 I saw it performed by New Zealand’s National Rugby Team “The ALL BLACKS” ~ and I LOVED it!!

See. Right before a rugby match, the All Blacks would break into this ancient Maori (Native) dance and chant …. that after seeing it, I had wished it would be adopted by sport teams in the U.S.

Trust Me: Kiwis aren’t about to abandon this fabulous pre-game ritual! It’s so ….. Beautiful and Fierce; so ……. Intimidating; so ……. All Black; and most importantly, so ….. New Zealand!

In fact: I do the ” Kapa o Pango ” right before sex!   : )

What’s New Zealand without ‘The Mighty Misty Mountains” or spectacular Glaciers?

What’s New Zealand without deep ancient Forests or pristine  streams and air?

What’s New Zealand without its National Rugby Team, “The All Blacks”,  performing  the Kapa o Pango “?

Political Correctness ….. my black ass!!   : )


*  …… and forever the  Kapa o Pango !!


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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 16, 2007

Beautiful START

One of the more enjoyable aspects of attending a college football game … is all the pre-game festivities! Last Saturday BEFORE THE GAME the Cal Fans were so excited and in such a Great Mood to see their beloved “Golden Bears” whip Oregon State and maybe …. just maybe, end the day with Cal being ranked #1 in the Land.

The above photo was shot on the north end of the stadium. I shot this pix because just behind the “Go Bears” balloon is a huge building I refer to as “Cal’s Hogwarts“!

Here’s a wider shot that gives you a better idea why I call it “Hogwarts“, huh!  : )

Ahhhh. The sweet aroma of VICTORY was so pungent right BEFORE the Game. Ya see that huge ‘WELCOMING BEAR’ standing at the entrance of the Stadium: that’s Oskie ~ the Cal Mascot! Oskie is a mischievous character at Games. Although, like a lot of school mascots, Oskie has been made to tone his ‘act’ down this year. Just like the ‘Stanford Tree‘, huh Stanford Fans!   : )

Yep! As the Cal Fans get ready to watch a great afternoon of “Cal Football”, evenjust to stand near the statue of a California Golden Bear makes everything FEEL as if the entire Football World is now centered in Berkeley!

Hey! Now that I look at it again: doesn’t that kat in a hat talking on his cell phone …. look like the guy looking up at the ‘Blue Angels‘ last weekend?

Seriously!!   : )

Even the TREE SITTERS (see’em up there?) anxiously await another Great Cal WIN!!

But alas, even as the Cal Band storms the field right before Kickoff, who would have ‘thunk it’ that what started out as a Glorious Afternoon … would turn into a god awful Nightmare at the hands of the frickin‘ Oregon State BEAVERS!

But hey: that’s why they play the Game, huh!

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“I Thank God …”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 14, 2007

I didn’t take the above photo of the “Blue Angels” passing across Alcatraz last weekend ~ but I wish I had.   : )

Tomorrow I’ll perhaps be in a better mood to put up some pixs I took at yesterday’s “Cal/Oregon State” Game. But still I’m a little bummed out over the Final Outcome.

                                                         : (

So to pick me up a little tonight I just thought about “The Blue Angels” <g>, Life, the Fall Weather, and just how EXPERIENCING ALL of life’s ups & downs is a Gift. For it is TRUE that for ANYTHING to be TRUE …. it must have its opposite!

Last weekend I couldn’t have been happier. After all, last Saturday I was basking in the warm Northern California sun watching the Blue Angels perform their magic. Yet this Saturday, I watched in HORROR as the Cal Bears threw away perhaps a National Championship in the last seconds!! So I Understood the meaning of “For anything to be TRUE …. it must have its opposite.”

That’s LIFE!!

A Balance.

In “Eastern Philosophy” it’s taught that the Soul resides in the heart. Thus, it’s the goal of an individual to “get the Rider home“! In other words: regardless the vagaries of Life, it’s the Duty of an Individual to get the Spirit HOME to the Creator. That’s why one shouldn’t get too HIGH or too LOW when faced with Life Occurrences, because the ONE TRUE GOAL is to get the Spirit “Back Home”.

 Last weekend my Spirits were as HIGH as a pilot sitting in an FA-18 Hornet; yesterday I felt as LOW as one of the kids on Cal’s football team. And while both situations had no direct bearing on me personally, still both was a microcosm of LIFE and how I should respond to each. That being: “I thank my Creator for allowing me the opportunity of EXPERIENCING!”

Everything is relative in Life. Some had far greater pleasurable Experiences than myself last weekend; while some suffered far more than I this weekend. But EXPERIENCE is a very private thing to be embraced to its fullest. And that’s why “I thank God … that it is thus.”

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“GO, Cal!!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 13, 2007

This afternoon I’m going to take my ‘Yearly Pilgrimage’ to Berkeley and watch the #2 ranked team of the nation ~ The Cal Bears ~ play Oregon State. Oh, it’s not that I’m not a Fan of Cal …. but ys see, my Predictions and Heart ALWAYS betray me whenever I get too close to my favorite Sports Teams!!

But I do want to see Cal play while they’re so Highly Ranked. But since I’ll be there today, don’t be surprised if Cal lays the proverbial EGG.   : )

I LOVE all my Bay Area Teams: 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks (yeah, right <g>); but I hold a Special Place in my heart for Cal. See, when I first came to the Bay Area fresh from a lifetime of watching ‘Big Ten Football’ and Ohio State …. I was eager to see what ‘Pac 10 Football’ was all about. And I must say that I had to laugh when I learned that what they here call “The BIG GAME”  was between Cal and Stanford. *Ohio State v. Michigan: now THATS a BIG GAME, baby!  : )

But over the YEARS I’ve grown to enjoy ‘Pac 10 Football’ ~ especially when that beast from the South, USC, comes a visiting the Bay Area annually either at Stanford or Cal.

Yeah, I KNOW I step down in Class whenever I watch a ‘Pac 10 Band’ ~ save USC ~ because I grew up watching the BEST BAND IN THE LAND:

Ohio State!!  

But I’ve made concessions to the ‘Pac 10’, and now simply enjoy the BEST that the ‘Pac 10’ has to offer.

No prettier place to watch a Football Game than Cal’s “Memorial Stadium”! It sets in Berkely’s Strawberry Canyon Region and has terrific views of the San Francisco Bay. Hell, this year I’ll even be treated to some Tree Sitters who are protesting the University’s desire to build a New Stadium facility near the existing one. Ah, and to think: Cal Berkeley is the Ancestral ‘HOME’ of College Protests, baby!!  : )

Anyway. Let me get ready to go watch the “Cal Golden Bears“. And of course, I’ll be taking my ‘Digital Eye’ as well.   : )

Y’all go out and make this a Great Weekend!!

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