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“Nobody Cares, Uncle Thomas!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 1, 2007

Felicity Daily Herald

Thomas Reopens Wounds With Memoir

By Joan Biskupic,

USA Today

(Oct. 1) – Supreme Court  Justice Clarence Thomas  ascends the bench with his colleagues today for the start of a new term, just as his memoir reopening the wounds of his 1991 Senate  confirmation battle goes on sale.


 More than a quarter of his new memoir, “My Grandfather’s Son,” focuses on the 1991 battle over his confirmation to the court. In a telephone interview Sunday with USA TODAY, Thomas said he wanted to tell a story that was “honest, straightforward and positive” and could speak to people beyond Washington.

“This city is a little different from the rest of the world. It distorts life. It exaggerates what it wants to exaggerate,” he said, explaining that he wanted to counter the “untruths” written about him.

“I didn’t cause the divisiveness in ’91,” Thomas said. “I was just nominated.” He decries what he views as political gamesmanship over his reputation, saying, “If you want sport, watch football.”

In “My Grandfather’s Son,” he writes that he did not want to leave his story to those with “careless handsor malicious hearts.”

Thomas, 59, portrays himself as shaped by a childhood in the segregated South, enduring racism and living in fear of white “mob” violence, which he says culminated in allegations of sexual harassment at his confirmation hearings.

“I felt myself crushed beneath the accumulated trials of a lifetime,” he writes of his misery when former employee Anita Hill accused him of talking to her about X-rated movies and making pornographic references.

Thomas, an appeals court judge and former head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, had been named by the first President Bush  to succeed Thurgood Marshall, the first black justice.

More than a quarter of the 289-page book – for which he reportedly received a $1.5 million advance from HarperCollins – is about his Supreme Court nomination and confirmation fight. In 1991, he called the hearings “a high-tech lynching,” a theme he continues here.

Recounting the Hill episode, Thomas compares himself to the black defendant wrongly accused of rape in To Kill a Mockingbird. Thomas invokes the Harper Lee classic and Richard Wright’s Native Son, about a young black man doomed by race.

Hill, then a University of Oklahoma law professor, presented her accusations in graphic detail that played out on national television. Thomas denied the allegations. The Senate confirmed him by a vote of 52-48.

Thomas accuses then-Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., and other Senate Democrats of hypocrisy. He faults them for taking Hill’s claims seriously instead of dismissing them “out of hand.”

He calls Hill “my most traitorous adversary,” writing that she was wrongly portrayed in the media as a “conservative, devoutly religious Reagan-administration employee,” when she was “a left-winger who’d never expressed any religious sentiments.” He calls her work “mediocre.”

Hill, now at Brandeis University, could not be reached for comment.

Larry Rasky, a spokesman for Biden‘s presidential campaign, said Sunday night that while Biden has not seen the book, “nothing he has seen in the 16 years since he voted against (Thomas) in 1991 makes him think that vote wasn’t right.”

Much of Thomas’ book is a poignant tale of his early poverty and lessons in self-reliance. After his father abandoned them, his struggling mother left Thomas with his grandfather, who raised him in Savannah, Ga.

In the interview, Thomas said he found that in giving speeches, students especially were eager to hear of his difficult childhood, which he characterized as an antidote to the “din” of criticism in Washington. “We are allowing ourselves to be governed by cynical people. — I was writing for the rest of us trying to live our lives.” 


I have no intention of reading Thomas’s book. After all, I’ve seen a lifetime of the C. Thomas types ~ a characteristic and mode of Manhood (particularly within the ranks of Blacks) that I’ve always found shameful and humiliating. For you see, since African Americans are far from the Gates of equally inhabiting that ‘Shining City on a Hill’, there’s no luxury of having kats like Thomas in key positions of government (or anywhere else) that actually ‘work against’ and retard the Progress of their People …. rather than Advance same.

It’s amazing to me that you have a kat like Thomas; in college he being an Afro wearing, raving militant ‘Black Nationalist’ ~ who somehow between graduation and his first gig becomes chameleon-like and morphs into this loveable ‘Uncle Tom’ and jumps in the ‘short line’ of Black Republicans to enhance his chances at so-called Success. (as Defined by Whites)

Yep. Thomas becomes a little Republican stooge ideologue; ass-kisses all the Big Shots within the Republican Party that could get him great Contacts and even greater Jobs; he marries a White Woman (why do you think Anita got pissed); becomes a member of the Supreme Court; then sides with the biggest Right wing Neanderthal he could find on the Court (Scalia) to side with!

I’ve seen’em ALL MY LIFE, folks!!

And these sorryass chameleons can be found in EVERY Race, Culture, Nationality, and Religious Group!!

Clarence Thomas is a DISGRACE to his Race … his Manhood …. and to the Memory of the Supreme Court Justice Seat he occupies: Thurgood Marshall!!

And you know what: as the YEARS pass and Uncle Thomas realizes that Fame & Money & the ‘Official Stamp of Approval’ from Whites are all illusions and shallow, he’ll come to realize that what he has LOST can NEVER be regained:

The Respect of his own People!!

Muhammad Ali once said: 

 “I may lose my money. I  may lose every possession I own. But if I ever lose the Respect of my own People: then I’m REALLY in trouble!”


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