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“Higher & Higher!!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 4, 2007

                   That TIME of year!!

It’s that TIME of year in the San Francisco Bay Area …. where you hear the sound of Military Jets screaming overhead! And regardless a person’s position on the war, or about the Military in general, still around THIS TIME OF YEAR an excitement is carried on the wind as the Navy’s “Blue Angels” prepare to ‘do their thing’ as only the BEST OF THE BEST can do!!

Yep!! I’ll be sitting on the lawn near Fisherman’s Wharf this Saturday & Sunday to watch my “Blues” get higher, faster, closer, and more magnificent than ANY jet demonstration team dare do!!

These are frickinNavy Pilots, baby!!  : )

Here’s a LINK (below) that will show you my “Blues” doing their stuff in case you’ve never seen them or can’t make it to San Francisco this weekend <g>). Van Halen is doing the Background Music. In fact, as you watch the film you’ll be seeing the one thing I regret never have done in my Younger Days.

But hell: Vietnam, ya Understand.   : )

Click here: YouTube – Blue Angels Tribute for LCDR Davis

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