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‘S.F. Phallic Symbol?’

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 7, 2007

Yep! Yesterday I saw ‘My Blues’ perform. And while I’ve seen them ‘do their thang‘ many times before …. I just can’t get enough!!

Kinda like sex, huh!   : )

I’m on my way to see them AGAIN this afternoon. I just uploaded a few of some pixs I shot yesterday ~ so this week I’ll display a bunch of them. I did want to show you (above) a pix of just one of San Francisco’s many Landmarks: Coit Tower.

Built (oh, I forgot exactly when <g>) to Honor San Francisco Fire Fighters. I guess in Honor of those that fought the horrendous FIRES during the famous San Francisco Earthquake. But anyway, it sits atop a hill overlooking the wharf area …. and is truly Magnificent!!

When I first arrived in the Bay Area, I thought the tower to be a San Francisco ‘Phallic Symbol’!!  : )

Got to run and watch ‘My Blue Angels’!


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