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What A Weekend!!

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 9, 2007

There must have been 100,000 ‘sky watching‘, ‘Pilot Envy’ middle age Men <g> swarming the wharfs, rooftops, pleasure boats etc. viewing the Spectacle of the Blue Angels on Sunday. To me, I just can’t imagine how it would feel to harness all that Power & Speed of an F-18 Hornet Jet in my hands!! These guys ~ Navy Pilots ~ are simply AMAZING at the ‘Gift’ (and that’s what it is) they’ve cultivated to be the BEST of the BEST at what they do!!

The Crowds were amazing! And I couldn’t help envy the young kids ~ like the kid at the bottom left of the above picture ~ wondering if they, too, could one day fly a F-18 Hornet Jet just like the ‘Blue Angels‘. That ONE DAY, teams of people would be looking up at THEM soaring overhead ~ just like the Blue Angels!!

As I watched the kid I photographed, I recalled the 1st Air Show I had seen as a kid myself. It was in Columbus, Ohio and I watched in AWE the Air Force ‘Thunderbirds‘. Hell, after the Show all I wanted to do was FLY a Military Jet!! But alas, later Vietnam happened, and although I wanted to FLY in the Military …. the thought of USING my jet to KILL PEOPLE (or come to the REALITY of what these beautiful machines were really built for) overcame my desire to ever be a Military Pilot.

Oh well: it was a LOSS to the U.S. Military.   : )

Sunday, I was treated with another surprise as well. Sunday was “Italian Heritage Day”, which meant the Italian Americans paraded through Fisherman’s Wharf with bands, floats, and of course ~ politicians.  : )


The Blue Angels

Great Weather and Friendly Crowds

The Blue Angels  : )

                  And Stanford BEAT USC!!   : )

          Making Cal the #2 ranked Football Team in the nation!!!  : )


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