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More ‘Weekend’!

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 10, 2007

What’s a “Fleet Week” without the “Marine Band“, huh! And I must say, that these kids played their ‘hard ass’ off, okay!! And they played ALL TYPES of Music: from Patriotic to Swing …. the “U.S. Marine Band” was GREAT!!

On most days in San Francisco …. it can be a combination of Disneyland, Ringling Bros. Circus, or the Bible all rolled into one <g>. In fact, I’ll ALWAYS remember roaming around downtown San Francisco during my first weekend as a new resident to the Bay Area. For as I waited at an intersection … low and behold I saw a man on an ELEPHANT crossing the intersection!!   : )

Fisherman’s Wharf over the years has assembled a vast array of Street Artists second to none. For example, ya see that little black man sitting behind those bushes: well, he’s known as “The Bush Man”. And what he’ll do ALL DAY LONG is sit there and suddenly part the bushes as an unsuspecting TOURIST walks by!

Sounds dumb, huh! But I’ll tell ya what: imagine walking down the street and paying absolutely no attention to some shrubbery whatsoever ~ only to have a man (A BLACK MAN <g>) suddenly jump out at ya from between the shrubs! I swear, this kat frightens the mess out of damn near every Tourist he spooks. AND ~ get this ~ the tourists later PAID HIM for the privilege!!


On Sunday after the Air Show I strolled along the wharf and sat down to reflect on all that I had seen at eye level and above. Just behind this magnificent Steamboat (above pix) rises the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland and the East Bay. A Bridge, I might add, I find more beautiful and awe inspiring than the more famous “Golden Gate Bridge“.

I drive this Bridge EVERY DAY!!

Anyway. I hope I gave you a feel of “Fleet Week”:

                         San Francisco Style

*I didn’t take the above pix ~ but I wish I had.   : )

I did, however, shoot these Navy Ships at dock!!   : )


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