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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 10, 2007


Something else happened last weekend: the lowly Stanford Cardinal SHOCKED the world by beating previously #2 and unbeaten (#1 in some Polls) USC Trojans!!

Today I saw this clip of the Final Minutes of the Game. And I guess what I found so amazing in this piece is that it shows you some Stanford kids watching the events from a TV on campus as it happened.

It’s a GREAT piece of TV because it shows you just how EXCITING ~ and AMAZING ~ the Stanford WIN was to Cardinal Fans. Hell, I’m a Cal Fan and even Stanford’s WIN brought tears to my eyes!

                                               : )

Stanford was a 41 POINT underdog going in, baby!!   : )

Here in the Bay Area the rivalry between Stanford and Cal is intense to say the least (I’m partial to Cal <g>); but the piece gives you a FEEL about college sports and captures a MOMENT of Sports History AS IT HAPPENED ~ from the perspective of Stanford kids viewing from their campus!

The Game BTW was played at the Coliseum in LA.


Click here: YouTube – Stanford beats USC: West Flo Reaction


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