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“GO, Cal!!”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 13, 2007

This afternoon I’m going to take my ‘Yearly Pilgrimage’ to Berkeley and watch the #2 ranked team of the nation ~ The Cal Bears ~ play Oregon State. Oh, it’s not that I’m not a Fan of Cal …. but ys see, my Predictions and Heart ALWAYS betray me whenever I get too close to my favorite Sports Teams!!

But I do want to see Cal play while they’re so Highly Ranked. But since I’ll be there today, don’t be surprised if Cal lays the proverbial EGG.   : )

I LOVE all my Bay Area Teams: 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks (yeah, right <g>); but I hold a Special Place in my heart for Cal. See, when I first came to the Bay Area fresh from a lifetime of watching ‘Big Ten Football’ and Ohio State …. I was eager to see what ‘Pac 10 Football’ was all about. And I must say that I had to laugh when I learned that what they here call “The BIG GAME”  was between Cal and Stanford. *Ohio State v. Michigan: now THATS a BIG GAME, baby!  : )

But over the YEARS I’ve grown to enjoy ‘Pac 10 Football’ ~ especially when that beast from the South, USC, comes a visiting the Bay Area annually either at Stanford or Cal.

Yeah, I KNOW I step down in Class whenever I watch a ‘Pac 10 Band’ ~ save USC ~ because I grew up watching the BEST BAND IN THE LAND:

Ohio State!!  

But I’ve made concessions to the ‘Pac 10’, and now simply enjoy the BEST that the ‘Pac 10’ has to offer.

No prettier place to watch a Football Game than Cal’s “Memorial Stadium”! It sets in Berkely’s Strawberry Canyon Region and has terrific views of the San Francisco Bay. Hell, this year I’ll even be treated to some Tree Sitters who are protesting the University’s desire to build a New Stadium facility near the existing one. Ah, and to think: Cal Berkeley is the Ancestral ‘HOME’ of College Protests, baby!!  : )

Anyway. Let me get ready to go watch the “Cal Golden Bears“. And of course, I’ll be taking my ‘Digital Eye’ as well.   : )

Y’all go out and make this a Great Weekend!!

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