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“I Thank God …”

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 14, 2007

I didn’t take the above photo of the “Blue Angels” passing across Alcatraz last weekend ~ but I wish I had.   : )

Tomorrow I’ll perhaps be in a better mood to put up some pixs I took at yesterday’s “Cal/Oregon State” Game. But still I’m a little bummed out over the Final Outcome.

                                                         : (

So to pick me up a little tonight I just thought about “The Blue Angels” <g>, Life, the Fall Weather, and just how EXPERIENCING ALL of life’s ups & downs is a Gift. For it is TRUE that for ANYTHING to be TRUE …. it must have its opposite!

Last weekend I couldn’t have been happier. After all, last Saturday I was basking in the warm Northern California sun watching the Blue Angels perform their magic. Yet this Saturday, I watched in HORROR as the Cal Bears threw away perhaps a National Championship in the last seconds!! So I Understood the meaning of “For anything to be TRUE …. it must have its opposite.”

That’s LIFE!!

A Balance.

In “Eastern Philosophy” it’s taught that the Soul resides in the heart. Thus, it’s the goal of an individual to “get the Rider home“! In other words: regardless the vagaries of Life, it’s the Duty of an Individual to get the Spirit HOME to the Creator. That’s why one shouldn’t get too HIGH or too LOW when faced with Life Occurrences, because the ONE TRUE GOAL is to get the Spirit “Back Home”.

 Last weekend my Spirits were as HIGH as a pilot sitting in an FA-18 Hornet; yesterday I felt as LOW as one of the kids on Cal’s football team. And while both situations had no direct bearing on me personally, still both was a microcosm of LIFE and how I should respond to each. That being: “I thank my Creator for allowing me the opportunity of EXPERIENCING!”

Everything is relative in Life. Some had far greater pleasurable Experiences than myself last weekend; while some suffered far more than I this weekend. But EXPERIENCE is a very private thing to be embraced to its fullest. And that’s why “I thank God … that it is thus.”

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