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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 16, 2007

Beautiful START

One of the more enjoyable aspects of attending a college football game … is all the pre-game festivities! Last Saturday BEFORE THE GAME the Cal Fans were so excited and in such a Great Mood to see their beloved “Golden Bears” whip Oregon State and maybe …. just maybe, end the day with Cal being ranked #1 in the Land.

The above photo was shot on the north end of the stadium. I shot this pix because just behind the “Go Bears” balloon is a huge building I refer to as “Cal’s Hogwarts“!

Here’s a wider shot that gives you a better idea why I call it “Hogwarts“, huh!  : )

Ahhhh. The sweet aroma of VICTORY was so pungent right BEFORE the Game. Ya see that huge ‘WELCOMING BEAR’ standing at the entrance of the Stadium: that’s Oskie ~ the Cal Mascot! Oskie is a mischievous character at Games. Although, like a lot of school mascots, Oskie has been made to tone his ‘act’ down this year. Just like the ‘Stanford Tree‘, huh Stanford Fans!   : )

Yep! As the Cal Fans get ready to watch a great afternoon of “Cal Football”, evenjust to stand near the statue of a California Golden Bear makes everything FEEL as if the entire Football World is now centered in Berkeley!

Hey! Now that I look at it again: doesn’t that kat in a hat talking on his cell phone …. look like the guy looking up at the ‘Blue Angels‘ last weekend?

Seriously!!   : )

Even the TREE SITTERS (see’em up there?) anxiously await another Great Cal WIN!!

But alas, even as the Cal Band storms the field right before Kickoff, who would have ‘thunk it’ that what started out as a Glorious Afternoon … would turn into a god awful Nightmare at the hands of the frickin‘ Oregon State BEAVERS!

But hey: that’s why they play the Game, huh!


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