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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 19, 2007

Felicity Daily Herald

Why Males Die Before Females

Charles Q. Choi
Special to LiveScience
Wed Oct 17, 8:10 AM ET

In humans and many other animals, males age faster and die earlier than females.

New research suggests this might happen because of intense competition over sex.

Scientists compared monogamous species with polygynous species, in which each male mates with many females. Males in monogamous species, such as the barnacle goose or the dwarf mongoose, naturally compete less over females than ones in polygynous species, such as the red-winged blackbird or thesavannah baboon.

After investigating about 20 different vertebrate species, researchers Tim Clutton-Brock and Kavita Isvaran at the University of Cambridge in England found the more polygynous a species was, the more likely their males were to age faster and die earlier than females.

The researchers explained that as competition among males for sex grows more intense, each male on average has less time to breed. As such, there is no strong incentive to evolve longevity among males in such species.

Since men age faster and die earlier than women, these findings suggest that “at the time when current human physiology evolved, perhaps around the late Stone Age, polygynous breeding was the norm,” Clutton-Brock told LiveScience. “Of course, this doesn’t provide any justification for polygyny or promiscuity now for males.”


Let’s look at this a moment, shall we!   : )

I have no reason to doubt the Findings (?) of these Researchers; however, which comes First ~ the chicken or the egg? In other words, what Role do Females play in ALLOWING a polygynous arrangement to take root to begin with, hum?

See. I Understand how in a Polygynous Establishment how Males die younger than Females ~ owing the Fighting and Stress associated with both gathering and MAINTAINING a harem of Females; but I have to think that the Female is largely responsible for these arrangements in that Females set the tone for such an arrangement to take place in the first place!!

Take lions: the Female Lioness looks for Males that 1) seem to possess the stronger genes for their cubs; and 2) they (females) look for the strongest and youngest Male Lion for Protection.

She make take many Males as a partner over her lifetime (which primarily we’re talking about ‘cub bearing‘ years), which means the Female NEEDS the Male (any Male) for principally healthy Genes & solid Protection.

That’s it!

Genes & Protection!!

Hell! The Female ‘Black Widow’ spider EATS the frickin‘ Male after ‘mating‘, baby!   : )

It’s the male that pays the price in Longevity and Health for the Arrangement (?) established BY THE FEMALES!!

So whether or not Males get cut short in longevity either in a Polygenous or Monogamous Arrangement (the latter seems to extend the life of males), the point is …. Females set the Rules that ultimately determine a Male’s Lifespan!!

See. Females NEED just 2 things to fulfill their Duty to their specie:

Healthy Male Genes & Protection!

Men (Males) have but 1 Duty: to provide the NEEDED genes to the female’s child …. or cub …. or foul.

THIS I’ve ALWAYS Understood.   : )

All this other stuff like “I LIKE somebody” or “Isn’t he cute” or “She has a great sense of humor all are mere window-dressing to the Basic Drives for want of Healthy Genes & Protection!!

And often, mind you, these Basic Drives are submerged and not accepted as Civilized!! And I’ve NEVER quite Understood why this is so: because we do the ‘Basic Need Dance’ ALL THE TIME!!

Competing with other Men for SEX …. I KNOW that is within my psychological makeup. Just as I KNOW that INSTINCT …. Women want a Man with good genes and is willing (and able) to Protect her and her children!

That’s the Law, baby!   : )

All this other stuff ~ Dinners, being Mr. ‘Nice Guy’ <g>, Cultured etc. goes all for not UNLESS the Female sees in YOU (Male) as a source of providing ‘Healthy Genes’ and Protection!

Hell! A MAN wants SEX regardless the Arrangement <g>! And that’s OK because that’s a Man’s Duty under the Natural Laws!   : )

Again: Nature’s Law!!

But what a Man WANTS bears little to what the Arrangement is ~ an Arrangement that is Established by the Female!! (polygenous or monogamous)

You WOMEN Dictate: all we MEN do is Dance to the tune you Ladies sing, okay!  : )

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